25 Jun

Hi Peeps!
Basically, I’ve been scolded almost everyday, or rather, 75% of my working days, I will be scolded by the GOD DAMN BLOODY HELL manager~

But nvm, even if you scold me, I still get my salary on time, my commission is still intact~


Shall tell u guys about what happened when I have the time~

I saw something on fb, which a “friend” of mine posted~

“He who glaze into the sky may see the shadow of regrets hovering over the clouds, he who closes his eyes may found the unfound..”


In response to that..

Another “””FRIEND””” of mine posted this:
“She who glaze into the sky may see her imagination depending on the cloud shape n colours. She who closes her eyes can find the direction n see brightness when she opens her eyes again.”


Cloud got COLOURS de meh ? Somebody show me a pink cloud PLEASE?

Pretty pretty pls pls ?

When you close your eyes, can you SEE brightness and directions?

Well~ I CAN~ In my dreams~ That is, if I go to sleep, not when I just close~


Bonne Nuit~

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