People who made me smile.. (1)

5 Jul

I was in a bad mood these few days, or maybe this whole week?

I don’t know..

Whatever it is.. today is definitely not a “smiling” day for me although I’m off from work..

I went to look for XiaoJ to get the concealer brush from him.. Lucky he worked nearby, otherwise I’ll have to go JB to look for Tebby~

THANK YOU XIAO J , for all the helpsssssssssss 🙂

So, I was quite pissed off, because I was rushing for time.. rolling around and sweating like dog..

The Shuttle bus which was on the dot like mad.. was late for 20 minutes today, which made me ran out of time.. So I was sweating like dog and rolling about.. My mood sucks, I don’t have much time to Makeup.. Did it on bus though..

When I reached the office, XiaoJ was running out.. We both were 慌慌张张, because I was rushing for time and he was rushing to record his program~

I panic and he panic, because I ran out of Ringgit and I asked if I can pass him SGD, and he said ok.. But I don’t have exact, he didn’t bring wallet, so he run back, halfway, I chased after him and tell him I found the exact and he ran back..

Then I forgot if I’ve taken the brushes from him or not.. because it happened so fast and the brushes were no where in sight.. Then I find again .. Confirm again then I passed him some snacks.. Coz I know he confirm OT until no time for dinner le bah..

I was smiling and happy all the way till I almost reach Orchard from Braddell~

It was really something for me to think about.. Whenever I see XiaoJ , I WILL BE SO DAMN HAPPY~

After that, I came home and saw him posting this~

He’s right, friends are only important in terms of quality~

Today too rush, nv take photo, he’s really stylish leh~

Next time next time~


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