Pour Quoi?

26 Jul

Pour quoi je n’ai pas etes blogging?

Parce que, Je suis très occupé..

Hehehe~ Pardon me, trying to practice my French a little~

I was saying, why didn’t I blog? Because I’m extremely busy~

Had been working full time, moon-lighting for all my off days and so many things going on.. Life is not a bed of roses eh ?

Talking about a bed of roses, I was talking to bitch the other day, trying to ask for a job vacancy for my “dear” .. And I didn’t sleep, was extremely tired.. When I talked to him.. He said.. “You know working for boss is… not exactly a bed of roses”..

I told him  to speak to me in human’s language.. I’m so sian of him beating around the bush.. And that’s the reason you forever won’t get what you want in life..

I had no time to sleep.. Sometimes, for two days consecutively, I would sleep with my makeup on.. Simply because I was too tired.. OH GOSH~

Next month would be my blog’s first anniversary and I know I’ll have to buck up le~

Anyways, I started on a Herbal Life’s milk shake and supplements, and I lost weightsssssssssssss and from an XXXL to an L size now.. Finding clothes has been easier for me now..

By the way, I didn’t replaced all my meals with the milk shake thingy~ I just want my weight loss journey to be enjoyable~

So trust eme.. I really ate.. KFC – 3 pcs chicken +4pcs drumlet+Large soft drink+Cheese fries and McDonald’s as well..

And yet.. I still lose weight~


Here’s a photo of me currently~

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