Some after thoughts…

24 Sep

Hellos Peeps~
I’m finally back, even though its after ages, and I’ve promised during my 21st’s birthday that I wana blog more often, like every 3 days?
Some things like treating my skin better etc. I didn’t do it good.. I tortured my skin, sleeping with makeup on for few days consecutively~

Firstly, Happy 22nd Birthday to Jon~ My 初恋情人, time really flies and it’s already 13yrs? Gosh, getting old~

Wonder why I’m able to sit here and blog? Because I’ve changed job again.. this is already the 4th job in 4months’ time.. OH goodness! It always reminds me of what Mrs Singh said to me when I was in Braddell-Westlake Secondary… It is to … either be your own boss or you’ll never make it as a normal people..
People out there, either you hate me or you love me, there’s nothing, its just me 😀

I was talking to Ivan yesterday and he told me, its either I be a boss, don’t ever be a subordinate.. How true..

This is somewhere I’ll love to be in.. Somewhere which I feel that I’ll be able to rest my heart and soul, immersed in this ethnic cultural? Actually where this place is , but the feel is so peaceful.. Away from the heavy bustle of the city, the rush and etc. I’m a simple person, not because I’m “stupid enough” , but just because I’ve seen lots of things and I don’t want to complicate my life with so many irrelevant SHITS~ SERIOUSLY~

Recently, I attempted to donate blood because I saw the blood donation center opened at Dhoby Ghaut, which is so near to my home and workplace, it pays to stay at town 😀 And I mean… pay… literally pay alot money lor.. But what to do ? I’m such a lazy ass, no discipline to travel to work.. Hell sia .. But anyways, the attempt failed.. because I’ve not enough iron.. But I’ll try again soon 😀

Actually.. I’m really afraid of the needles and blood, but then, its a meaningful thing to donate blood, so no matter how scared I’m, I MUST BE BRAVE 😀


This is a very cool video and I can totally understand the context, maybe because I always go Klang, lim kopi , gong jiaoweh? Meaning talk cock, drink coffee.. wahahahaha

This one make my day, seriously 😀

Another cool flash mob, always admired the youth in people, the feeling of 挥洒青春, meaning unleashing youth, I had done that in my younger days, not much of a regret now that I’m a working adult, now that I’m working a regular job.. After all, I’ve done TV, ads, DJ, even learnt audio and video editing, finished my mass comm…

我不贪心,只希望现在的朋友都不变,以后还是可以相聚,无关金钱名利,大碗喝酒大口吃肉,能潇洒开心的日子就忘记痛苦。老了,以后相拥回忆往事,在黄昏下相望。-这就是我要的人生, 不管外人怎么看都不重要

I’m not greedy, I just wish that friends now will not change, in future we will still be able to gather around, without the burden of money and fame, we’ll still be able to eat drink, sing song, talk cock, happy and forget about sorrow. When we’re old, we can always recall our plentiful memories, gaze at each other like a “Sor Hai” under the sunset- This is the kinda life I want, no matter how others see me 😀

Managed to talk to Cheun Cheun , like finally, resolved our awkward moments, thank god 🙂

This video is awesome, it really talks about the kind of feeling Malaysians have 😀

I went to KL, Berjaya Times Square alone and ate this , this is similar to the Malacca cake that I’ve had in Makhota, so everything go KL can eat this le, yeah 😀

Thank you Xueyi for doing up this pic for us, it really
brings back the moments of craziness and fun 😀

Actually this post is about my after thoughts but suddenly it became bits and pieces of my life..

Now its back to sharing after thoughts..
Spoke to a friend of mine in HK, he told me loads of things and how the society works etc. Sorry friend, the only reason why I’m fighting is because I’ve promised you I will stay for one year at least, and I really felt that I’ve let you down the moment I knew about the stupid person’s decision..

Because like I said before, I honestly felt that I’m worth the price, I’m a value add to your company.. If I’m willing to work, its because of you, because I see the brain in you.. Honestly, I can’t work with people with no brains, because I really can’t stand stupidity.. Not because I’m really clever, but maybe I’m really stupid as well, but I can’t stand people who are “more stupid” than me when I’m working ? I know I have to work with them..

The only person I wana apologize to , is Ivan, because I’ve wasted your effort, you see the “talent” in me, but yet, it was wasted..

But then again, I really hate people accusing me because of money issues, especially when its money for work, its like dishonesty.. If you scold me on phone, I’ve always let you win, pacify you etc. But if it’s black and white, I can’t tolerate that.. Goodness gracious~

If somebody is able to do your own job right, and don’t ask someone else to help you do it, then you won’t have to “feel” that your authority is being over-ride.. Do understand that I’m doing it because you asked me to help you…. I wish you good luck though, looking at the chaotic situation because you don’t know anything…

Another thing, I realized, maybe I’m really suitable to do sales, because today I went back to do handover and then “My customer” came, and I served them, in slippers, no makeup and sundress, I’m able to close 3 deals today, I’m so proud of myself, woooohoooo, I opened bill for the company… I asked myself why, because I don’t have commission anyways.. But never-mind, I don’t really care a hoot anyway, the reason why I care is because of the hiring manager who saw my talent.. 真的对不起你, 抱歉

I’m doing reflections about myself as well, I was told that the way I talk will hurt people’s feeling unknowingly… I think more now, but then again, I can’t please everyone… Certain times, ITS REALLY YOUR FUCKING PASAR if you cannot express yourself… How many times I see the torture of customers running away, being pissed off by you two idiots and etc. I tried to help and you stupid idiot keep thinking I will snatch your sales? Think again? When Natalie and Joanne was in the shop, why can’t you just open your eyes to see and you’ll understand it’s easy to do a sale? Just duplicate and you can’t even do that?

Friends of mine, I know you know I’m what kind of pattern before we’re friends anyways, but I still wana do some reflections, I’m sorry if I’ve hurt your feelings, I WILL TRY to think more before I open my big fat mouth to blabber, wahahahahaha.. Try lah, give me some time lah~~~~~

Sometimes it’s not I don’t understand social things, but this is not what I intended to do for my life.. Honestly speaking, I don’t care a hoot about climbing the corporate ladder, because 我真的不屑什么办公室政治, 我也不想成为公司的狗, 我放工之后, 就是my freaking pasar, its none of your business what I do, how I live my life…
I just wana earn loads of money and travel around, I don’t need to do anything stupid and I don’t crave for power.. 名誉跟权利都是空虚有的东西, 多少人为了这些在奔波? 人生苦短, 为什么不要为自己的人生制造更多的美好回忆呢?

Everyday, people fight for power and fame, seriously, get a life? Travel more? Study more? Don’t do stupid things can or not?

I just want more time to travel around, experience different cultures and meet new people, eat more special foodiesssssssss and create more wonderful memories for myself… I’m too self centered but then again, it is your own life, and your own life, you have the right to decide what to do…

My colleague told me, because I’m too strong, he hate me 🙂

Thank you colleague, because I’m happy that I’m strong, you should buck up too, good luck, I wish you well 🙂

Okies, up till now.. may seem that I’m not remorseful… Give me more time to sound more remorseful? I really need the time, but maybe not the chance lah… I’m more free to go shopping now~ WOHOO~

Sometimes I think it’s time to let go liaos:

Finally, this is the kind of life I want, which is why I LOVE KENTING Taiwan~ AWESOME 垦丁真爽~

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