My 2nd Attempt to Blood Donation~

13 Oct

Hellos Peeps~

Been so busy … well.. as always, when was I not busy ?

Friends of mine, you’ve already knew that I was like that.. always busy with work~ No matter what.. but of course, I will still reserve some time for my dear friends, no matter how short the time is ..


As per my title, this is about my 2nd attempt to blood donation~

I went to blood bank on 23/09/12 to do my blood donation during lunch break~
But then.. sadly~ My iron level was below standard.. The minimum is 11.5, but I HAD 11 T_T
They had to prick my finger to test first, and I was SOOOOO SCARED of the stupid needle~ I was like “OMGOMGOMG~ SO SCARY LAH”, practically, I was KP-ing all they way~

Actually I’m so afraid of needles de lah~ The first time I did my blood donation, I went home blur blur gong gong, cannot function for the whole day~

I still remember that time the blood bank had an event in my school, then I just had the “urge to do something good” so I went for donation, and it was Poh Ee who went with me~ Thank you Poh Ee for pei-ing me, I WAS SO FREAKING SCARED~
Then I went back class, my faci and my classmates was like~ “what happened?” and then I just slept thru the class for the day and after I roll home, I cannot function too~ Oh god~

That was like year one in 2009/2010

Then subsequently , I attempted to donate blood, but was always rejected due to iron level~ That time went with Tihyong all the way to Outram, then cannot donate T_T

So this time, hehehehehehehe~
I took the iron tablets that they gave me, religiously~ I had never been so guai before, but this time, I’m so happy the blood bank is near my house, goodness, its in town~

This is fate, I MUST go donate~ Wahahahahahahaa~

So after one week, I went, and I PASSED the test, my iron level is 13.5 ๐Ÿ˜€

Freaking awesome lah~

It was so funny, at first my Blood pressure failed, I had like 90 only… the minimum is 100.. The doctor keep trying , still 95/96.. Then she ask me go drink milo, juices, then I go outside drink drink ,then come back, also fail~
Finally she got the manual thing to measure and GAM GAM HO become 100.. So

U think not pain rite? Lucky they got the ้บป้†‰้’ˆ arhbo I DIE~ but then arh, the needle for injection, freaking pain lah, I was screaming but yeah~ I’m so brave ~

Thank you to all the nurses for helping me to take photos, chatting with me to divert my attention, arhbo I DIE~ They’re so nice, keep asking me how I put my false eyelashes~

Scary lor!

The blood I donated~

Finally, something interest recently:

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