What lengths will you go to keep your favourite pet by your side forever?

29 Oct

Hello peeps~
Do you have a pet ?

What will you do when you know your pet left you ?

Will you be heartbroken? I will~

I used to have a pet dog, his name is 阿布拉~ English is Abrella~ So weird rite ? Just like me..

Abrella kept me company when I was young, he was with me whenever I’m sad, I’m happy, whenever I go out, I will try my best to bring him go…

Sometimes people ask me why I bring my dog?

NO!~ He’s not a pet only~ He’s my fiend~

We went through happy times, sad times and even crazy times playing around etc.

He left me when I was 9… Being the little child~ I was extremely sad.. no words can describe my sadness~

Thereafter, I never had a pet, fearing that I will be hurt again..

Now, if you ask me .. I am a foodie person, I eat and eat and I love food~ I guess, if I want to keep Abrella with me , I will give up all the nice food in the world.. to have my pet with me forever~

What about you?

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