Japan Trip 18-19June 2013

7 Jul

Hello peeps!

I went to Japan last month, although it was only for two days, it was a great experience for me, Japan is really a nice country to visit ^_^

But too bad, I only had two days off , otherwise I would have go into other areas as well.


The view while I was on the train, there are lots of greenery in Japan, air is good as well.


I went to Daiso, the biggest one in Tokyo, Ken brought me there, so I have no idea where was I , but nvm, because it was really big and I really spent lotsa time just shopping in Daiso, 5 storeys OMG 😛



The crow in Japan is abit overwhelming for me, maybe perhaps I’m a country bumpkin, LOL, never seen such a big crow in my life, wahahahahahahahahaha ~


Daiso is so big, there are lifts and escalators in the whole building, which is the Daiso building.


Camwhore while I was in the lift , hehehehehe, nv changed my habits~


I know this is unglam, but nvm , it served as a memory for me hehehe


I went crazy when I saw lots of fooooooooooooooooooooooodies in Daiso, it’s just toooooooo awesome ~


Saw this machine which reminded me of my teenage years and childhood where Neoprints are just very trendy and popular~


It was just fated for me to go Delta? I don’t know, since I had to deliver stuffs to Delta DL622, which is from Singapore to Narita, little did I know it is actually the only flight from Delta out from SG~


The lift in Japan is cool, with space and wheelchair friendly facilities


Vending machines are found everywhere in Japan’s metro station, you can drink or eat in the station, despite there is aircon~( info was provide by Ken chan ) And the best thing is, the train is still much cleaner than SG, although SG’s train can’t eat or drink 😛


The ticket is small, paper like ticket but is a “smart ticket”, because the machines can open with that Hehehehehehehehe, I know I sound stupid, but one thing I agree with Luca is, Travel is the only thing you buy which makes you richer ^_^


Super confused by the map system in Japan, but nevertheless, it is not difficult if you see carefully, it comes with a Japanese Chinese characters and lucky for me, I can comprehend something out of that 😛



Ken told me this above was a typical Japanese meal combination


I had curry cutlet, although simple, but I can feel the thoughtfulness and the sincerity through Japanese food


Recycling instructions in my hostel


Guesthouse is clean, owners are friendly, lots of foreigners to interact , even met a Malay girl from Malaysia, was quite fun to travel and have different experiences


Parking is everywhere


This is the day @ 4am in Japan, was quite surprised it was so bright already~


I was walking down the whole street as though it was my Grandpa’s street, and the whole street was soooooooooo clean!~ It was really cooling in Japan although the temperature is 28 degrees celcius.


Shops are everywhere inside the train station



Pudding was so soft and smooth~ OMG


My boarding pass, I’m so happy lah~


A Japan AH Beng LOL





My Lunch in Narita









I thought this was an ATM but apparently this is not ^_^



Never thought I would have the chance to enjoy this view, but thanks to Delta, it was possible ^_^




Xiao Ka’s white lover chocolate



I bumped into Roy in airport





And the last but most exciting happenings~

969511_10151593019713159_1696480454_n 1006201_10151593019848159_1800875693_n

To meet Ken, he happend to travel to Japan with his parents on Delta flight wahahahahahahaha~ I MISS HIM SO MUCH ^_^


That’s about it for my short trip to Japan, shall update on another new travel experience soon ^_^

2 Responses to “Japan Trip 18-19June 2013”

  1. Yvonne July 13, 2013 at 7:08 pm #

    OH MY GOD!!!

    What a long entry with lots of pictures 😀 soooo envious that you went to Japan!! Your complexion looks really really nice and glowing in here! care to share what makeup that u use or think is good? I think that will be interesting to read cuz I’m a girl ma I love makeups too 😀 From the pictures it does seems that Japan is really clean and the weather is fine.. Omg so cool!

    Five stores high of DAISO?! Are the stuffs there $2 as well? 150yen? 5storeys I think they really have everything and anything! I love shopping at daiso too; their stuffs are cheap practical and nice. Even if it doesn’t last it’s ok cuz $2 only can always buy again!

    The curry cutlet rice looks sooo yummmmmmy. Looks like go!go!curry! at ION basement. U tried before?

    I really enjoyed reading this entry soooo much; the visual tour made me feel like I’m in Japan as well hahahahaha.. I guess you would be a very good tour guide don’t u think so? I think it’s a really wonderful job; can travel and meet new people all the time. Seems really fun!

    I’m soooo looking forward to your next entry!:D

    • kayashino July 29, 2013 at 12:59 am #

      Hi Yvonne,
      Thank you for reading my blog:)
      Actually I have bad complexion, but my makeup really helps ;P
      Been trying to use more skincare and don’t be lazy, but sometimes, just really lazy, but age catching up, so , hehehehehehehehe~

      Makeup wise, I’m actually using Bobbi brown shimmer brick, its really good for reflecting pores and giving that glowing complexion, i have holes on my skin, so that makes it picture perfect especially under natural light, foundation and primer wise, I’m using Mary Kay, been quite good all the while, love the luminous texture and the silky primer 🙂

      I also want to be a tour guide, but need to have cert for that wor 😛

      I used to work in ION but nv tried their curry , next time go.

      As for Daiso in Japan, its 100Yen, so its abt 1.2SGD , damn cool leh~

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