For my haters out there

8 Aug

Dear people,
I don’t understand why you spent your time to hate me, which I had not done anything wrong to you. If you’re offended by the post on facebook, then you can jolly well just block me, why bother to tag me and scold me when I never point finger at who?

Certain times, some people are just not meant to click, and that’s it, just move on. Why you bother to get your friendsssssssssssssss, you teenage daughter and your daughter’s friend friend friend to harass me ?

I admit, if this is not Singapore, I would probably be scared, because of those words that you threatened me, scold me in public chats , targeting at me, threatening that you’re gonna do something to me on a specific day at a specific venue.

But come on! This is Singapore, and I’m not afraid of you, old hag, you are 40+ yrs old and you try to bully me when you come to my house? I had to endure the vulgarities you scolded me just for some small matter?

And pls! You’re double my age, so pls don’t associate yourself with me and act like as though you are so good etc. I admit that we are human, and we do err sometimes, but it doesn’t mean, I should endure with vulgarities , cursing, swearing at my house , in my face! You can scold me behind my back, I don’t care~

As for friends and families of the lady who self associated herself with my FB post, I would like to apologize to those people of hers, because it has got nothing to do with you, but you’re angry because you love your dear ones and it is understandable.

 For that lady who threatened me, she just badmouthed me behind on things that she thought was correct, but its ok, I treated you like a sister initially,  but I really cannot tolerate you threatening me and scolding me vulgarities at my house, enough is enough.

Another thing, for this person by the name of Desmond, I have nothing against you, we have nothing wrong, and I’m really happy for you when you’re getting married, if you could remembered , the day before you fly off, I still saw you at Mustafa. Anway, I don’t blame you for being angry, you don’t understand the full thing, and I’m not gg be like somebody, to show everyone what is happening on my fb and private msgs of ppl trying to threaten me, accuse me or even abuse me.

You may be  right, I’m saying someone is fat  and old, no doubt, one day when I get really old, and I’m still fat, then I’m fat and old, ok? For now , I’m still young and fat. You can call me a  pig , I don’t mind, if I’m fat because of my choice, who am I to blame when ppl call me silly names? FYI , if a woman of 40+ yrs old, with two kids can be bullied just by a facebook comment on my own wall, whithout naming who, then the world can be bullying her, and there is no point to argue  abt this.

To that woman; even if it means that you’re going to scold me on fb, getting thousands of people to harass me ,be a  paper tiger / keyboard warrier/ or a real fat warrior showing up on  show events and creating a scene , its alrite, come on then , GROW UP old woman~ ^_^

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