Always don’t understand why ?

21 Oct

Hello Peeps!

As the title, I always don’t understand why…. why are there so much bo liao things around?

My school is so lame, and still bragging it up, erhem!

Sorry , is my ex school LOL

Anyways , I’ve grad from this school le, but still receive lame newsletter, imagine last time when I was still studying, my lecturer literally forced everybody to add the school’s course facebook into our account, like literally call one by one up and then just force us to log into our account to add them!~ wtf ? pls?

It is MY freedom to whether I wana add you on my own FB, what right do you have to demand me to add your school group shit? LOL

Anyways , here is another joke from my ex school!~

retard poly 1 retard poly 2 retard poly 3


OMG~ look at the stupid criteria and sometimes I do wonder, if the student is so PERFECT~ Somemore graduate already~ why would he want to come back to this stupid school to serve the school? OMG!~

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