Oklahoma City July 2013 (1)

9 Nov

Hello peeps~!

Wanted to write about my two day short trip to OKC in one post, but my computer just refused to load the photos in , so no choice, have to break into two parts~

Here goes:  

I was rotting at the airport waiting for DL622 check in , then I suddenly saw the late shift ppl coming out~! Whee~


So unglam but it really reminds me of my days in Nuance WatsonsDSC00694

With SK2 , Loccitane and La Priarie BA ~ Wahahahaha~


With Gucci Perfume BA ^-^ 


 With M.A.C. BA


With Clinique BA


While waiting, food dropped into my tummy wahahahaha


DL counter and my first time for a long haul trip~


So happy because I used S2 Pass and got business class all the way wahahahahaha~


Went in after getting  my boarding pass and went to main shop to visit MY LA PRAIRIE~ The best thing to apply on your face before your depart~ Faye was working , and here we are 🙂



Passed by DE and saw Carla working there :DDDDDDD




Transit in Japan , Tokyo Narita, realized that Japanese has this vending machine culture everywhere , even insurance also ~

DSC00707 DSC00708 

Bumped into my Sugar Daddy Tony on my transit way, he going to Atlanta, I going to MSP transit to OKC


Business class food menu

Amenities kit and fluffy pillow and westin blanket 🙂

DSC00712 DSC00713 DSC00714 DSC00715

I’m glad there USB charging point 😛


Been wanting to get this , but everytime just never, in the end the price was raised T-T


Eat eat eat, all the way non stop till OKC , omg, I was literally so sick of food, but was so blessed, but I don’t eat sashimi , too bad ~

DSC00718 DSC00719 DSC00720 DSC00721

Shot of Mineapolis , St Paul airport

DSC00722 DSC00723

As usual , my camwhore face ~


This was the connection plane to OKC from MSP, but this was like so small, plane itself, ok… Maybe I was just too fat? I had to move in sideways , time to lose weight wahahahahaha~


Time to get a Starbucks ~


Traveling on staff pass has its good and badsssssssss, the staff gave me a seat beside this guy, who was 1.5x the seat size, and he alrd moved up the hand thing~ So when I saw him from the entrance, I was like… OMG~ how to squeeze with him?

Then I decided to act blur and sit behind him, hoping that nobody will be seated on my row …. Lucky, it was empty for me wahahaha~


Have been wondering how was it like to visit Kancani & Kancana?

Ever since they left in 2007, I always told them I’m going there, but never once did it till this summer in 2013, I was so proud and touched to see the same sky as them~



Sitting in business class is the best thing ever, omg~


Toilet in USA has this high high “hole” where people can peep through~ LOL, Ani told me she always kena peep by kids, so funny~

Looking at this , made me realized the similarities of our McDonald’s toilet~ Really USA style~


Finally! Reached OKC Will Roger’s Airport~ I’m so happy!~!!#@^~&



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