Bellaza Plus Fashion Show Aug 2013

21 Dec

My Label, Plus size fashion , Bellaza Plus was very happy to host our debut fashion in conjunction with “The Fashion Extravangaza”

Event held as follow date and time:


At the same time, our jewelry brand , Pasion Artistico was also very happy to be the sponsor for the Mrs South East Asia 2013.



Lots of audience for our fashion show


It was Hari Raya , many thanks to Wati who supported our event and was one of our models for that show~ Her friend also came and supported her despite busy visiting schedule~


A Photo with our forever gorgeous Mrs South East Asia , Ms Veronica Yeo~ DSC00821

With our Ms Thailand~

DSC00817 DSC00816  

Macy & me:


Some programs lined up for the show~


DSC00807 DSC00786

DSC00805 DSC00801  DSC00800DSC00797DSC00798 DSC00795 DSC00796  DSC00794 DSC00793

DSC00812 DSC00813


After Makeover photos~ 

Our Model: Then ever sunshine LYNN~ ! Her theme is sunshine storm which made use of bright color in the front and at the back ends with a smoky storm~ Lynn is wearing Bellaza Plus “Yellow Floral Dress”

 DSC00783 DSC00784  DSC00782

Model of the day / Co-Owner of Pasion Artistico: Feminine Lady Florence, with a makeup of bubblegum theme with a metallic touch~ Florence is wearing “Blue Lacey Dress” From Bellaza Plus collections~

DSC00781 DSC00780 DSC00779

Model , Abby, makeup look of the day , modern Shanghainese woman~ Sweet Oriental red, Abby is wearing “Red Bustier Dress” from Bellaza

DSC00777 DSC00778  DSC00776

Model Wati is wearing “Black Poka red dress” from Bellaza Plus , her makeup theme was Earth Beauty, using natural earth tone eyeshadow to create the glamour yet subtle look~

DSC00775 DSC00773 DSC00772

Model Gladys is wearing “Leo Dress” from Bellaza Plus, makeup of the day is Leo theme with leopards print on her face~

DSC00770   DSC00769 DSC00768


Model Emily is wearing royal purple “Greece Dress” from Bellaza, the whole outlook is using mystic purple to create the Greece look~

DSC00767  DSC00766DSC00765

Model Macy is wearing Bellaza’s “Oh So Green!” dress, with a contouring effect which shows off the curves fo the body~ Her makeup look is flamboyant~ Using green and orange to create this bright look, coupled with rosy cheeks and pink lips~

 DSC00763 DSC00764



My theme is Warm rainbow, using orange, yellow and green as main base coupled with other elements to create the warm feeling~ I’m wearing bubblegum rainbow dress from Bellaza Plus~

DSC00803   DSC00802



                                               Photos with the other models~

DSC00761 DSC00758 DSC00759 DSC00760

Saw Irene~ Our International Woman of Excellence~



Ending with dress down photo of us~



A big thank you to everyone who had supported Bellaza Plus &

 Pasion Artistico 🙂

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