Seoul Trip Jan 2015

22 Jan

Hello peeps~

Decided to buck up on my blogging, after all , this is what I love to do ^_^


Went to Korea to visit my lovely flatmate~

I took business class from US, Detroit, and it was quite nice.

Inflight meals ^_^

After 10hrs plus of flying, like finally~

OMG! We were screaming when we met up !



Typical lunch in Korea :

Rice cakes in spicy sauce with Ramen and lots of toppings! Seafood etc.!

After everything, the leftover sauce will be used for friend rice! SIMPLY AWESOME!

I went to Herbalife in Seoul:

All the forms were in Hanguk, luckily I have someone to translate for me hahahahaha!

Then we went to cafe hoping with my dear Yukyeong:

Dinner was some kind of pork ribs soup , I was saying I wanted to try it just like those Korean dramas where they had a big pot and was sitting down on the floor with a low squarish table, and TADAH~

My favorite fried rice~



Then I went to DMZ tour:


Then TADAH~ My favorite actions of all: EAT TOFU!

This cute south Korean soldier , he is so charming! Got tofu jiu eat lor~ HAhahahaha~

Theres this interesting part about Dorasan station:

It was built for thru train for between North and South Korea, but sadly, the plan never went through…

But oh well.. at least there’s some hope ^_^

Then some random walk around:


Follow by dinner:

Went to Nansam tower:

It was a damn slope man~ I loved everything about Korea, except the stairs and slope~ Omg! Other than that, everything is awesome~

Night view of Seoul:

If you’re feeling adventurous , you can go down the stairs from the towel:

Went to Korean BBQ:

It was Jiyun Oppa who brought me out this time ^_^

He brought me to do glasses as well, coz the snow was so glaring , oh well, I just denied myself glasses coz I don’t want to wear them LOL


Then food again:

I fulfilled my mission to try those foods in Korean drama!~

Then I went to Kyung Bok Gung/ 景福宫:

Then food again~

Goodbye Korea~


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