My lunch buddies

19 Apr

Everyday I went to work , everyday I would make my own Bento and bring to work …

Time flies , 1 year passed, the number of times of me eating out was so little..


Venus, the lady whom I appreciate, taught me how to cook healthily.


Min min , my sister in the office , so silly, so cute , she’ll eat whatever I cook , and the taste depends on my mood , until she went night shift , then I didn’t get to lunch with her anymore~

Now , after I came back from my holiday, I became lazy to cook , most of the time I’ll go out and eat, so I have new lunch buddies!!!

Introducing :


    Andrew Lam! Hong Kong guy who grew up in Singapore~


Monique poon! Another Hong Kong girl who grew up in Singapore:-)


Cecilia, the modern auntie, always so smart , wahaha ~


Evelyn Chan, my dearest team lead , always photo ready ~


Tsz ling , forever helpful and crazy person, sing the monster song with me in office , wahaha 🙂

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