Harrison & Candy Wedding Hong Kong Dec 2014

29 Dec

Hello People~

Went to attend Harrison & Candy’s wedding in Hong Kong in December 🙂

I was very touched to see him getting married, who knew that our friendship could last so long ? We met during student exchange program in my days in ITE in 2008.

The pastor said this during the wedding, which was quite true” 你一结婚就要学习忍, 以前你们谈恋爱的时候,女方会花很多时间为你打扮, 男方会愿意花很多时间等你打扮, 当你结婚后,每天看到对方,还没梳头刷牙就见到对方。现在女方不会为了见你花时间打扮,男方不会为了见你等你很长时间,所以第一件事就是学会忍”。 This was quite funny.

Translated to English, ” the first thing after marriage for both parties is to learn how to tolerate, while dating , the girl will spend hours dolling herself just to meet you , the guy will wait a long time for you to get ready, after marriage, you see each other daily, even without combing your hair nor brushing teeth, you will meet everyday. The lady will not spend hours to doll up just to meet you , neither the guy will wait for long hours for you to get ready, so the first thing is to learn to tolerate”.

Well I guess, HK people are more realistic compared to other places where they simply said good things LOL, but quite true though 🙂

It was my first time attending a HK style banquet , Tina went with me , Ken needed to go Macau for work:


They were so busy the whole night ^_^

The banquet had everything in 12 portions , it was funny, I asked Tina was the table very big , because we could only sit 10 persons in one table, but in HK , it was 12/table LOL

Oh well, yes , the table was quite big as per HK standard 🙂





At the end of every Chinese HK style wedding they will have oranges for you to take back, I asked Tina why, but somehow it was just the norm and nobody could gave me an answer on this LOL

Blissful wedding !


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