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Hong Kong Trip Oct 2013

5 Nov


I went to Hong Kong , fast paced environment~

Stayed in Regal Oriental Hotel:

Quite cheap , less than $90 SGD per nite:


First few days with Ivan Kor Kor:


Thanks for being with me at my lowest point, encouraging me and till we meet again in HK ^_^


Dinner with To:

It was a food trip hahahahah!

Dim sum time with Min Min & Wang Hong:



Then we went for food again with Purple:

Then follow by Visiting my ex colleague from Arte, my dear Helen at Elements:

Then follow by goldfish st :

My favorite Mobile Softee~~

Then had dinner with Wincy:

At 妹记大排挡:



Then dessert at 聪嫂 at causeway bay :



The next day we had lunch with Tina:

Follow by 黄大仙Temple:


Then we had dinner with Yeeki:

Goodbye Hong Kong!


Macau Trip Oct 2013

23 Oct

Hello people~

I love Macau , as per always, nice food , cultural feeling , close to HK without the rush, nice friendly locals and awesome sightseeing:

But I wonder how is it possible for the apartments to be so compact?

Bus driver so friendly, the fare was 5 Macanese pataca, I wanted to put in 10HKD coin, but they told me they don’t take 10HKD coin, then I wanted to put in 20HKD , the bus driver so nice, gave me a free ride instead, he even asked me where was my destination and stopped for me ^_^

Yes, I had bad skin day LOL, I’m human too ok ? hahahhaha!

I was looking around for Marco’s shop , I knew him in Macau a few years ago when I first came, so I came back to find him, some street views of Macau:

Then some lovely food famous from Macau:


The pretty night buildings of Macau:

Met with Marco for dinner:

Then he drove me around for a stroll of Macau, really nice and peaceful:

Thank you Marco!

Bye Macau!




My X’mas events 2011

15 May

Hello Peeps,

This post a little outdated, but I was really busy.. Actually wana skipped this post, but was thinking that my blog should record something that really matters to me and thus, decided to write this post as an appreciation to the people that are in my everyday life 🙂

I baked cookies for everyone actually, so Misha, my friend in my condo, got them as well, and this was X’mas eve. The day was quite sad actually, because it was raining heavily..

Peeps from YES! IG came my house for a BBQ and bowling session, some fly plane, but well, it’s just part and parcel of life.. I was actually waiting for them to come which delayed my plans as well… T_T

It was their first BBQ session and they didn’t know how to start fire etc. But luckily, all went well 🙂

Simple foods are enough to bind people together, it’s the thought that counts

My juniors from YES! IG ( some CCA group in RP):

I stayed with my junior for awhile, about 10 mins? Then I rolled off to JB.. To go to Sense&style for their Christmas Eve’s party.. But when I got to KASTAM… LOL

I was so horrified by the queuessssssssssssss OMG~! I won’t even make it to JB by midnight man~

I “Gostan” back to the end of everything and this was how long the queue was at the bus area.. No choice, I had to asked the police officer how to roll back to SG without going to Malaysia first..

My look for that day 🙂

At the end of the bus area, there is supposed to be a stairs that you have to roll down as above … and…

Walk through this long long bridge which was quite scary at night alone… Because I was watching some serial killer shows etc.


Next, I rolled down to Daniel’s Birthday party at East Coast Park, this bread with sausage was very nice, many thanks to Siying who cooked for me… ahem~ as for why only half? Because I was too busy during Christmas period, I never ate and drink for two days? OMG~ When I saw food, hahahahaha~

Thank you Chef Siying for the FOODIES~ ^_^

Seriously, I thought, during gatherings, simple food really binds us together ^_^

All the awesome peeps who came; its time to CAMWHORE~ :

Of course, me & my stupid face HEHEHEHEHE~

Then, Daniel, the Birthday boy did stupid poses with me :

After that I rolled home and the next day, it’s Christmas day~

I met up with Christina for lunch? And to pass her Christmas gifts as well..

Went to Orchard and it was wet because of the rain…

So many people were waiting to spray victims with some snow sprayT_T

Supposed to meet Nana & Nata, but they put plane, instead met up with Xiao Ka & Tor Chun Xiang 😛

Classic example of victims, sometimes I wonder, what’s the point? Its just foam LEH~

My beloved Ka Bread~

Brandon, Yeng Kee, Nana, Nata, Janice, Oiling, Richard, Carmen, Ah Huat – Thanks for being in my life ^^

Me & my pattern if you get what I mean, hahahahaha~!

Happiness can be simple

Camwhoring time :

Richard & me

Nick Kor kor & toastie

Ah Huat, my once senior and now my Junior ^_^

Janice, my junior too ^^

Nana & me ~ NANASHINO~

Ying mei mei ~

Ben & me ~

Natashino ~

Ian Gor ~


Out of boredom, Ying Mei Mei & me decided to stare at each other ^_^

Later on, we went to Ian Gor’s house to chit chat & open presents~

I robbed Nata of his plushie and camwhore with it , wahahahahahaha!
After that, we went home in the morning, which ended our gathering~

Next day, had lunch with my dad at Streats HK cafe~

Then we had dinner at Botak Jones, my SG shino gang and MY shino gang are meeting up, because….

Ah Pa & Ah ma (Yong Han & May Hooi) happened to come SG for visit , whahahahahaha!
Actually, Yong han is my pa because he’s just too matured, everytime nag here and there, buy me breakfast everyday when I was in Klang, then go lunch and dinner everyday, so nice of him lah, he even take our backpack and help us “wear” it before Tong Zi & me board the bus, just like how a father will send the kid to school~!
Then May Hooi is the gf, so naturally, is my ah ma~ LOL

Gift opening time ~

Simple fun times:

Nana, Nata, Carmen, Ian, Ah Huat, Yong Han, May Hooi, Mag Mag & Lao Niang ^_^

As usual, creating memories:

The next morning, Ah Pa met me to buy perfume for Ah Ma~ He no heart, nv prepare Christmas gift for Ma, while Ma gave him a surprise, ORHHHHHHHH HoRRRRRRRRRRR~

Our breakfast beside Mustafa 🙂

After that, Ah Pa went back to his hotel to go out with Ah Ma de family, while I…

Went to Chinatown to get this for Luca’s Birthday ^_^

On the way advertise for her, she’s a nice lady 🙂

We had a unit meeting with fellow members and cum “Christmas gathering”

Thank you Christina for the guidance all the way~


I’m eating the box~!

Members in my unit:

Gabriel & Carina


I met up with Xiao J/ HanXiang to pass him the gifts for Tebby, Alan, Xiao Bai, Xueyi and some others? I forgot liao, but too many le ~

We are such vainpots~! Wahahahahaha~

That marks the end of my Christmas Events 😀

Hong Kong Day 5

12 May

Hello peeps, I’m guilty of not updating my blog about my trip.. But I guess, I’ll have no chance to go for such a “long” trip in the near future, and although, I’m back for about a month..

As I’ve mentioned before, life goes on and also, there’s just something wrong with my laptop that I can’t upload my photos till today..

But yeah~ I know its lots of excuses and blah blah blah~ But nvm, here goes my day 5 in Hong Kong 🙂

My day started with me going to Prince Edward MTR station to take train to Chuen Sha Wan station..

At the MTR in Hong Kong, it was real rare to find people standing on both sides of escalator, coz HK people are famous for being efficient, everything just happened in a breeze~ Perhaps this place wasn’t a CBD area which explains why people can do this 🙂

This is one unique sign that I saw in Hong Kong, which also showed the cultural side of HK with street stalls anywhere..

Hehehehehe~ This logo was my first curiosity about visiting friends in Hong Kong.. I met my HK friends in ITE in 2009 and since then we kept in contact, then I went HK with school and I ran away.. sorry Ken 😛 Anyway, this is Haking Wong VTC( vocational training center)

The basketball court in Haking Wong, I got SO EXCITED when I saw this~ The sight reminds me of a “standard” school bb court whenever I watch some HK TVB drama~ OMGOMG~

Hahahahahaha~ Yeeki gave me a look when I was so freaking excited and then, I’m actually visiting her, because I wana see how a school in HK look like 🙂

We went to have lunch/ Brunch in the school cafe, supposed to be true lunch, but Yeeki lazy lah~ She late for school, so in the end, we walked to her school together 😛

My Menu was salted fish with steamed meat pancake and ICE MILKTEA~ It was just awesome to drink milktea in HK, its just damn damn awesome, I had mine everyday :O

Yeeki’s menu was steamed egg and veggie with rice, and… MILKTEA~ THANK YOU Yeeki for your lunch treat 🙂

Btw, food is real cheap in school cafe, how I wish it’s like that in SG

The staff room reminds me of a secondary school setting in SG.. But anyways, while I was eating with Yeeki, her teacher came over and chatted with us because she saw a weird looking overexposed toastie (which was me lah, dress too little in cold weather) And this teacher came to know that I intended to study in HK and I came over to observe, so she told me SG have ITE which is similar to VTC

Later on , I followed Yeeki up to her class, had to “beg” her to allow me lah, coz she felt so “Malu”, it was 5th floor if I’m not wrong, lucky got lift, if not , I so fat with an injured leg confirm cannot tahan de lor~

I promised Yeeki that I will just follow her to see how her class look like then I will leave.. But her classmates are so nice, they invited me into the class~! LOL~ I can’t believe my luck lah~

So I came in , and I saw the lecturer, and then .. I was thinking.. If I should try my luck… so I went on, I opened my big fat mouth and asked for permission to stay in for a class, no loss if I was rejected 😛
And I got my wish fulfilled 😀

Some shots of the class:

At the end of class, I took pictures with the very nice lecturer~ LOL~ At first he was asking me which school am I from? Then I replied that I’m from Singapore~ I’m YEEKI’s FRIEND~ hahahahahha~! He was saying that if I sit in, Yeeki’s attendance will be given to me.. hahahahhahahahahaa!

Nevertheless, thank you teacher for letting me to sit in 🙂

Thank you Yeeki for all the “Paisehsssssssssss”, maybe I embarrassed you, but you’ve not dumped me 🙂

I’m really glad I managed to re-contact you after you went back to HK, and I’m really happy to see u again~!
We parted after the class because Yeeki had to go for another lecture by a “fierce” lady lecturer, I don’t wana try my luck with a lady LOL

My look for the day, never failed to camwhore~

I left to explore the school alone and saw some activities students do in their free time :

The retail outlet is for students to gain experiences working in the school, just like ITE’s Reel work 🙂

Hong Kong’s fishes! Something that amazed me, was that, not only most people are cramped in HK, even fishes too~ These are real huge, I was literally “afraid” of them when they opened their mouth.. OMG.. and they’re all in the small “pond like fish tank”..

Just beside the school, there’s a tall tall flat

Hair services are cheap in Hong Kong due to competitiveness

After school visit, I walked to the MTR staion and on the way observed the happenings around me 🙂

Seemed like basketball is a fav sports among students

Hong Kong specially has this program to help school dropouts teenagers to find jobs, train them with subsidies, an effort to maintain the society 🙂

I took this photo not because of the caution message, was because of the black Chinese words, “West Kowloon police” , hahahahaha! You must be wondering why~
I was super excited because I always saw in TVB dramas that police always come from “West Kowloon outlet” LOL~ Silly Toastie~

This one looks like City Sq in SG

Just happened I saw an ambulance going off to “save a fire”, and it reminded me of “Lie Huo Xiong Xin”, hahahahahaha~ Lots of TVB dreams came true for me~

Next, I went to the doctor to get my dressing done, the wound was too disgusting, and the doctor in Queen Mary Hospital did a bad job to glue it back.. Yes, he said he used glue.. And the worst thing was, he didn’t even ask me back to follow up, the nurse told me to keep my dressing for 15 days then it will heal.. hahaha~ The 2nd day, the wound burst open le lor~ Blood seeped through my thick 5cm bandage.. I was practically limping around~

Doctor Tam Yiu Pun used this on my wound

After that I went to roam around while waiting to meet Wincy, and saw this jewellery outlet, which was shown in the TVB show~ wahahaha

Went to Temple street for dinner, at Da Pai Dang= roadside stall
This is an authentic way to eat in HK, but me, beside being excited about foodiessssssss~

I kept asking Wincy where are the Hooligans in HK? It’s supposed to be like the movies, “Gu Huo Zai”, hahahaha! It was all TV n Movies which made up HK to me 😛

On our way to find food, we walked past this authentic oldies pawn shop which is going to extinct~

Next; Foodies:

My darling~

We choose one by the roadside to get the authentic feel 😛

“Bi Feng Tang chao Xie” = Something stir fried crab

Master Wincy showing tourist Toastie how to “clean your chopsticks”

Claypot eggplant minced meat

Authentic way to wash your glass, and the tea is FREE~

Roast “pigeon” if I’m not wrong, dipped with salt n pepper, awesomeness

Stir Fried Lettuce, so sua gu, first time eating them

I was so sua gu, and I walked to this signage and stand there observing, while people gave me strange stares~

On a closer look, she look like Christina LOL

Wincy and me became crazy and chat n chat non stop, since she told me there’s not much Singaporeans around her, so we started to do crazy things while queue-ing up for famous dessert here, Harrison was so paiseh lah!

Then suddenly , I went opposite to take photo of Li Bing Bing, omg, so pretty n fair!

Out of boredom, Wincy and me acted like bitches n kampung people, talking loudly n laughing, while Harrison wanted to dig a hole and hide himself~

Finally we got into the small small small shop: TADAH~

Harrison Gor Gor!

Toastie with a LOL face 😛

Master Wincy!

Our lovely foodies~

Nata De coco Something! Awesome MAX

Heavenly Durian Sago ice cream!


Mango skin wrap something! FREAKING NICE! OMG!

We left for some drinks after dessert and saw this group of youngsters doing hiphop, HK is indeed a vibrant place~

Walked past this bridge, famous for “Da Xiao Ren”, cursing evil people with paper dolls and smacking them with wooden clogs, wahahaha! Drama fan again ~


Drinks in Lan Kwai Fong!

There’s an event and place was flooded with lotsa people..

Crazy people too~
But because of my serious injuries, and there’s lots of glass bottles rolling down the slope~

While waiting for Harrison to get us a drink, we took photos and while doing that, there’s a crazy woman came to us and started talking and dragging us to go drink with her, I thought she’s Wincy’s friend LOL
Awhile later, she went and drunk talk with other drunk people LOL

So.. We went to Tsui Wah:


Buses in HK are 24 hours operating, and while waiting for bus, I kicked my injured toe and screamed in public.. HAIZ!! So pain! FML

Thank you guys for sending me back despite the late hours, XIEXIENI!

Last photo for my long fat day:


Toastie is so bad~

2 May

Hello guys, it has been 10 freaking days since I last blogged..

I always wonder to myself, why did I started a blog? What is my blog to me ? Isit a personal space for me to rant all the ass bull crap and just “pollute” the cyberspace? Isit a place for me to record down my memories, be it good or bad, big or small events that matters to me ?
Or isit just a daily record of what I’m doing, going to do and so on?

Well, I found the answer to it..

I started a blog because I love writing(typing), ever since I was young.. I remember when I was in secondary school, I love to write compos etc.

But as I grew older and I went into RP, whereby everyday I had to type and type , face my computer like my pillow and sofa etc. And the constant “forcing” of writing because we’re pretty much focused into journalism.. I began to “hate” writing..

It was to the point that some of my articles as project/ assignments, I could get an “E” grade LOL

Hahahahaha~ Nevertheless, I’m able to scraped through these three years because probably I’m real good in my theory stuffs LOL

I wanted to start a blog, bought my own domain etc. Because I wanted to remember memories in my life, I can read them and remember things that happened long ago which mattered to me so much at that point of time and now, looking back.. LOL

It is constantly a reminder for me not to give up on my passions; be it broadcast, presenting, writing, singing, acting and so on..

I was reading Xiaxue’s blog the other day and saw that she posted 6 posts last month ?

It wasn’t alot or very active, but at least, she’s making an effort to maintain her blog because of her passion and managing it even when she have busy schedulessssssssss.

I decided that I will blog at least once a week to make an effort to contribute something to this small space that I have.

Although I thought, I may have wrote some lousy articles/ bad grammarssssssss etc. But pls, forgive me, I’m really not a professional writer, but I’m willing to try and improve 🙂

Ok anyways, enough of reflections for the time being~

I went to a job interview two days ago ( yes, Toastie have to work too, money don’t come from the sky and I have to find a proper job after graduating from poly) LOL

It was at raffles place.. hmm.. actually, it’s three job interviews, two at the same office for different positions and one at the other side of raffles…. wah.. it was 12pm, weather so hot, I wearing blazer and KP-ing because I sweating like dog.. haiz..

So yeah, after that, I went to meet Mandy darling (mati darling) , that’s what I used to call her when I was in sec 2 ? It has been 8 freaking years~

Darling wanted to me bring a bag from HK back for her, it was a “Jeremy Scott(s)” bag from Longchamp, because it was LE version, it looked quite different from the normal ones and of course, much nicer~

So I went to meet darling for lunch and shun bian pass her bag to her~

We went for lunch and chatted for an hour, basically we never stopped talking throughout her lunch break, from the moment she saw me, hugged me and we walked, till we ordered food then eat and talk at the same time, then took photos and talk, and walked back to her office~ LOL

So talkative ? We used to be even more Gao Lat when we were younger~ Hahahaha~ Those were the days ?

Here’s a photo of Darling where she still look so young.. I always remembered last time when she was 16, she told me she bought kids wear for 12 yrs old de~ LOL
Darling had chicken sandwich with rosemary bread~

Here’s a photo of meeeeeeeeeee~
I was having some lamb sandwich thingy with grilled eggplant ? LOL

After so many years, we both finally met up!~

Thank you darling for being with me throughout so many years!~

Day 4 in Hong Kong

26 Mar

Well, till this date, I’m looking more like a HK ppl because my Cantonese is getting better 🙂

My day started with Lunch with Lao Niang, we had our food in Meixin Restaurant

We had char siew rice and the charsiew in HK is awesome, its thick and fragrant

Beside the restaurant, we saw a traditional biscuit shop, which had this interesting lotus biscuit, its really to eat biscuits in Hong Kong

The private clinics in Hong Kong is very different from SG, most of them are situated in a building, I have to take lift up to search. Because my wound was bleeding profusely till it seep through the thick bandage and stained my sandals, so I had to search for a doctor to clean my wound..

We went into this tiny lift and there are some aunties talking about people saying that the lift is small, but nobody said that they are fat, and she was saying that luckily lao niang and me moved in, if not they can’t squeeze into the lift 😛

This was my look for the day

After doctor, I went to shop at Tong Choi St, there are lots of things to buy this is my favorite…

No matter how painful my wound was, curry fishball never failed to delight me 🙂

I saw this interesting specs and bought it, although I felt retarded, but it was fun

An overview of the street, always filled with people

After lots of shopping, my makeup was still intact thanks to the cold weather 🙂

We went to have smelly beancurd at the nearby street

When coming back, we saw this Sun Hotel which I was supposed to book it, but the hotel people hung up my call and thus, I’m back in Metropark Hotel Mongkok

I decided that I wanna explore HK, so we went on any bus and had a ride , till don’t know where 😛

While I was in the bus , this was what I love to do

We went cross the sea tunnel and don’t know go where 😛

Finally, the bus stopped at this place where they are lots of Caucasian

We walked and saw this tram in the middle of nowhere, so I just board it and roamed around

The interior of the tram looked like this

I thought this looked like “ShopNSave” and yes, indeed it is!

I want to watch these movies

Went pass this and thought it was quite crazy to walk up these stairsssssss

This sign gave me a suddenly thought of some other things in Hokkien

We stopped at North point and went into a cafe and had our dinner :

Food and drinks in HK are so awesome that….. :

I know my face very qian bian 😛

In the end , we were lost, so I used my lousy Cantonese to ask for directions and went back by MTR

This is a special sign in HK

After a long day of searching for doctors and roaming- This ended our day 🙂

A day to remember-HK day 3

24 Mar

Helooosss I’m back 🙂

Here’s my transit day from Macau to Hong Kong

My day started with breakfast in hotel with Lao Niang

We went to the ferry terminal to purchase our ferry ticket to Hong Kong, this overview of the terminal resembles the one to Batam somehow

My overall feeling of Macau is a gracious city, people are nice and friendly~

I took turbojet back to HK

But on my way back…

I got into an accident, the connector between the land and ferry moved when I was about to cross over, the metal came to my toe and rammed over~ My toe “split” at the side and the whole nail had to be removed..T_T

The staff at turbojet wasn’t helpful, the first one who saw me in this state asked me, which ferry am I from, when I was just outside their ferry!
My toe was bleeding so badly that it left a pool of blood on the floor, I was so afraid my toe would be gone..

Nv expected that the first time I sat on a wheelchair because the pain was so bad, I can’t walk..

The guy in black is a staff from Turbojet, their manager promised me that they would settle the medical fees and asked me to keep my receipts.. So I went to an ambulance and was sent to Queen Mary Hospital..

I was being told that Queen Mary Hospital was the best government hospital in Hong Kong, but when I went there, my toe was still bleeding and they made me wait for 4 hours! Nobody attended and stop my bleeding.. They left me to bleed for 4hours before the doctor came T_T

Wincy knew about my accident and came to the hospital to fetch me, in the hospital, the doctor simply used glue to glue back my toe, I was given 4 jabs at the small area to stop my pain, so that he can remove my nail.. But, in the end, the 4 jabs are so painful, yet they don’t work, and I was given panadol and left the hospital with a wrapped toe only.. It was such a shame about these treatment, where they didn’t ask me to follow up also, the bleeding nv stopped also..
Anyway, Wincy brought me to a cafe for lunch + dinner
The bun was awesome!

We had noodles soup with some beef pasta, it was damn awesome lah! Milktea too!

Thank you Wincy 🙂

We walked around Mongkok, there are performances and then…

I saw this awesome ice cream! Its a must try and my favorite, this was just like two yrs ago, when I came at this date and had the same ice cream..

But this time, Harrison is here, and he bought me the ice cream 😛

I can camwhore for 3 pax

I wanted to buy eyebrow shaver before the shop closes but I was eating ice cream and can’t enter the shop, so Harrison went in and bought for me, SO SWEET 🙂

A typical HK street which don’t know why, quite amazes me

They bought fried intestine for me, actually I don’t eat them de, but I was willing to give it a try, anyway since I’ve already had so much lol things happening le

Amazingly, it was damn nice!

We went to Xu Liu Shan later on to have dessert and it was nice, we three were talking craps but it was real fun 🙂

It was a pity that my day was wasted in HK but at the same time, I really experienced life.. Buy travel insurance whenever you travel 🙂