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Pour Quoi?

26 Jul

Pour quoi je n’ai pas etes blogging?

Parce que, Je suis très occupé..

Hehehe~ Pardon me, trying to practice my French a little~

I was saying, why didn’t I blog? Because I’m extremely busy~

Had been working full time, moon-lighting for all my off days and so many things going on.. Life is not a bed of roses eh ?

Talking about a bed of roses, I was talking to bitch the other day, trying to ask for a job vacancy for my “dear” .. And I didn’t sleep, was extremely tired.. When I talked to him.. He said.. “You know working for boss is… not exactly a bed of roses”..

I told him  to speak to me in human’s language.. I’m so sian of him beating around the bush.. And that’s the reason you forever won’t get what you want in life..

I had no time to sleep.. Sometimes, for two days consecutively, I would sleep with my makeup on.. Simply because I was too tired.. OH GOSH~

Next month would be my blog’s first anniversary and I know I’ll have to buck up le~

Anyways, I started on a Herbal Life’s milk shake and supplements, and I lost weightsssssssssssss and from an XXXL to an L size now.. Finding clothes has been easier for me now..

By the way, I didn’t replaced all my meals with the milk shake thingy~ I just want my weight loss journey to be enjoyable~

So trust eme.. I really ate.. KFC – 3 pcs chicken +4pcs drumlet+Large soft drink+Cheese fries and McDonald’s as well..

And yet.. I still lose weight~


Here’s a photo of me currently~

People who made me smile.. (1)

5 Jul

I was in a bad mood these few days, or maybe this whole week?

I don’t know..

Whatever it is.. today is definitely not a “smiling” day for me although I’m off from work..

I went to look for XiaoJ to get the concealer brush from him.. Lucky he worked nearby, otherwise I’ll have to go JB to look for Tebby~

THANK YOU XIAO J , for all the helpsssssssssss 🙂

So, I was quite pissed off, because I was rushing for time.. rolling around and sweating like dog..

The Shuttle bus which was on the dot like mad.. was late for 20 minutes today, which made me ran out of time.. So I was sweating like dog and rolling about.. My mood sucks, I don’t have much time to Makeup.. Did it on bus though..

When I reached the office, XiaoJ was running out.. We both were 慌慌张张, because I was rushing for time and he was rushing to record his program~

I panic and he panic, because I ran out of Ringgit and I asked if I can pass him SGD, and he said ok.. But I don’t have exact, he didn’t bring wallet, so he run back, halfway, I chased after him and tell him I found the exact and he ran back..

Then I forgot if I’ve taken the brushes from him or not.. because it happened so fast and the brushes were no where in sight.. Then I find again .. Confirm again then I passed him some snacks.. Coz I know he confirm OT until no time for dinner le bah..

I was smiling and happy all the way till I almost reach Orchard from Braddell~

It was really something for me to think about.. Whenever I see XiaoJ , I WILL BE SO DAMN HAPPY~

After that, I came home and saw him posting this~

He’s right, friends are only important in terms of quality~

Today too rush, nv take photo, he’s really stylish leh~

Next time next time~


Free & Easy~

27 Jun


I’ve been “Sacked” from my job, but I am feeling ever ever happy~ For it’s their loss and the stupid man who did that shall regret after reviewing my sales report~ FYI, although I’ve only worked at your counter for 8 days, I’m the only one in your counter who had managed to achieve the sales target and for the rest of your “OLD BIRD”, they didn’t~

Anyways, maybe I should say this~
The company had no reason to sack me and resorted to “forcing” me to write a resign letter~ So that they can “accept” my resignation and “let me go out of goodwill~”



So that I can have time for Wendy to practice her makeup, and so that I can finally sleep instead of working stupid shifts like closing shifts for two days and immediately working opening shifts for 3 days~

I’m going to KL later, FOR MY RAMLY burger~!


Good Nite~

Bonne Nuit~


25 Jun

Hi Peeps!
Basically, I’ve been scolded almost everyday, or rather, 75% of my working days, I will be scolded by the GOD DAMN BLOODY HELL manager~

But nvm, even if you scold me, I still get my salary on time, my commission is still intact~


Shall tell u guys about what happened when I have the time~

I saw something on fb, which a “friend” of mine posted~

“He who glaze into the sky may see the shadow of regrets hovering over the clouds, he who closes his eyes may found the unfound..”


In response to that..

Another “””FRIEND””” of mine posted this:
“She who glaze into the sky may see her imagination depending on the cloud shape n colours. She who closes her eyes can find the direction n see brightness when she opens her eyes again.”


Cloud got COLOURS de meh ? Somebody show me a pink cloud PLEASE?

Pretty pretty pls pls ?

When you close your eyes, can you SEE brightness and directions?

Well~ I CAN~ In my dreams~ That is, if I go to sleep, not when I just close~


Bonne Nuit~

You old big deal arh ?

20 Jun

Hello peeps!
If you’re wondering where had I “MIA” to , I’ve been to work!~

People who know me will know that it’s almost impossible for me to work full time, or to sell myself to a company~

Because, no company is worth to sell yourself, unless it’s your own 😀

Anyway, at 3.30am, I suddenly felt the urge to blog despite the crazy timing and I have to work later~

I’ve a hard time trying to adapt to a regular life, working, go home, sleep, do French homework~ which is why I’m doing a little bit of shift work so that my routine don’t change so drastically~

But anyway, back to the topic of why I’m blogging at such wee hours~

Because… “You old big deal arh?”


Personally, I believed that if you’re at fault, then you are. Regardless of your age.

Yes, we can say that young people lack of experiences, ignorant blah blah blah..

We can say that old people, traditional thinking, blah blah blah~

Yes yes yes!~

We can forgive young people who make mistakes, give face to old people by not forcing them to own up their mistakes etc.

But then again, bear in mind, if you’re the party at fault, please shut up your fat mouth, either you apologize using your bloody mouth, or you just SHUT THE FUCK UP 🙂

I really hate it when the old peeps are at fault and still try to shift this and that~ OMG~

Well, what is the world becoming to ?

I salute the lady who managed to tolerate her~ If she was the one who attempted to take my photo, I will call the police~ Trust me~ I’ve done that before~

YOU OLD BIG DEAL ARH ? Hahahahaha~

It’s confirmed ~

14 Jun

Hello Peeps~

It’s confirmed~ I’ve fever, 38.5 Degrees~ One of the highest within these few years~

Perhaps I’ve overworked~

I had 3 days Medical leave and shall stay home to rest~

Good luck to me!~

Life without you :)

13 Jun

Well, it was quite sad actually~

I went to Universal studios alone, and then my dad invited me to have dinner with his son and his wife~ When I saw his son, I immediately ran away~ I would rather starve to death than to have my meals with two people~ They three are like a Happy Family~ Why bother to ask me ? Hahaha~

On another side note, it was quite happy for me to be alone, all the rides, basically barely any queues because single riders can just cut the queue to fill up the empty space 😛

Oh ya, after talking so much~



Comment  Tu T’appelle?

Je M’appelle Kaya~

I started my class with “French Toast” , I was so attracted by the name and they called their students “Toasties” and yes, I’m exactly one of them 🙂

I started my work, with no time for myself, not to say, no time for you~

I text you on the other day of a sudden thought to thank you, for you’ve warmed my heart before, I was genuinely happy although we did stupid things together~

I’m sick~And very sick~

First, I started working at Takashimaya, one of the beauty counters, if you wana find out, visit me and buy from me , wahahahhaha~

I didn’t have enough to sleep because of internal mess by the people above me~

Then I slept 4 hours only for three days continously

After two days of wearing shoes, or I should say, wearing covered heels, my feet gave up on me~

I had to call Ee Ju for help~

Karen, the receptionist was laughing at me lah~

Then after that, I was officially certified as a flat footer, which explains why I keep falling down, why I always can’t wear those cheap heels etc.

I bought a pair of Steve Maddens heels and realized that I can’t wear it for long because of my feet’s condition~

Then I had to buy another pair of heatwave shoes because that’s the company’s official model to wear~

In the end, both I can’t wear, I wore flats instead~

I am sick~

Fell sick with the burden of my feet..

Feet was so painful that I can’t walk yesterday, literally had to limp home~

I cried when I was in Universal studios when I thought of you and I saw happy families and how you’ve asked me to spend the new year with you~ But well~ I’m just weak~

Today was painful as well, because literally, I still had to wear flats which doesn’t suit me completely~ toe was sorta crushed but not the jialat type~

Had asthma attacks from last night, but didn’t know it would get worst when I went to work, on the way walking, I sprayed my Ventolin twice..

I went to work le, after my break , sprayed twice~

Then later, when I was alone at my shift, I was literally spraying it every 20mins, so I panicked~ And asked Jerry for help, and he was rushing me to hospital, but I couldn’t walk away, so the very nice de Xiao Ka mian bao bought me ventolin pills instead.. Because Jerry said if I oversprayed the inhaler , it will die on me and won’t work~ OMG~

Then later, me and Car went to Cineleisure, for some soups, because some warm stuffs helps for my asthma~

I  bumped into Sharon’s hubby- Victor


Eddie and his gf, Ferlyn

Then I suddenly realized I’m having a fever, I can’t walk properly due to feet pain, giddy because of low blood pressure, asthma and my ventolin inhaler finished on me~ OH GOD~

I suddenly thought about nobody pitying me etc.

But yesterday I called William and chatted with him, his Cantonese is good in terms of understanding~

I bumped into Pighead Ah Yu aka Gek Keng, turns out that she’s working for the same company as me~

Anyway, chatting with William these few days, by phone all the way to UK and by facebook~ He scolded me for being stupid for some guy who cheated on me, I felt so loved by my friends that I think I should had just let it go~ Afterall, you lose out by choosing an ugly, stupid and poor gf~ And you had to always act childish when you’re with her~ TOO BAD~

I’m tired, extremely sick and still had to work tomorrow, if not I think my manager will screw me because nobody replace my working hours, and I will have to work for 7 days before I get my first off day~

But the fact that I’m going to KL soon and Ramly burger is waiting for me and that I can still blog now, indicates that I’m not going to die yet~


A Small Nightmare

29 May

Hi Peeps,

It’s 5+am and I’m awake by my dream.. 

Oh my gosh, it’s actually a nightmare that has been haunting me for the whole night.. 

Usually, when I had a nightmare, I would call “my ex” to talk about it.. Especially when it involves him.. But now.. Because he’s not mine anymore, I’m not entitled to call him at weird timings and I’ve to kick off the habit of calling him.. So here I am, writing my blog, and searching for the meaning of my dream.. 

Here goes:

I received a phone call out of nowhere, from some bitch which I dislike.. She called me and told me that she had a “gift” for me and asked me to wait for her at the office.. 

I didn’t bothered to ask her about the contents of the gift and I went over to the office, it was about 1pm++

When I entered the office, I saw my ex , and some other people, but the bitch came late, usually she start work at 1230, but she wasn’t in the office…

So while I waited for her in the office, I started chatting with my ex, and later, when the bitch came into the office, my ex started chasing me out of the office.. He kept rushing me and prompting me to leave..

I was very pissed off with him but nevertheless, I waited for the idiotic bitch to settle down and I asked her what she has for me..

Turn out that she gave me a plastic bag (grocery store type) , with one small can of “mian jin”, it was some kind of wheat meat, which cost abt 70 cents…

It somehow looked like this:


I was extremely pissed off with her for wasting my time over rubbish~!

Oh gosh!~

Have been trying to get rid of her in my life ever since she stalked me.. First she is the 3rd party, 2nd, she purposely gave me some shitty gift in real life and purposely acting pitiful and asked my ex to tell me about her having a gift for me..

What made me so angry was that, she didn’t buy the gift purposely for me, it was like some random thing which cost less than $5 and it was a furry scarf which is not even good enough for being a rag at my home.. Singapore so hot, you think people crazy to wear fur? Further more it’s a cheapo crap!

Pls lah, at least when I buy something for you, I meant it with you in mind when I bought it.. Goodness~

I mean… What’s wrong with you? You have my number and you can call me or text me anytime, why do you have to force me to come up to find u ? IDIOT!~

Ok , sorry about side tracking.. Anyway, I was pissed off by that bitch because in my dream, she smiled to me so “sweetly” that nobody knows what happened.. It was like a sudden change of face..

Somehow, when I met her outside, I slapped her..

It was kinda scary for me because no matter how angry I was, I’ll never resort to violence, because being a victim of violence, I know how it felt..

So yeah, I went to search for the meaning of my dream and it was quite accurate:

To dream that you or someone has two faces or that the faces changes quickly from one person to another, indicates untrustworthiness. You or someone in your life is acting “two-faced”.


Then again, I found something about me slapping that bitch:

To dream that you slap someone, suggests that you are harboring some deep anger and repressed rage


So in my dream, I repeatedly slapped her, she ran and I chased after her.. Later on, somehow, she got away and she came back with helpers to “fight” back..

So, from it states :

To dream that you participate in a fight, indicates inner turmoil. Some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard. It may also parallel a fight or struggle that you are going through in your waking life.

Then later on, the bitch called the police and said that I beat her up and she was the helpless one who never fight back.. (well, that’s quite typical of her)

I was then arrested by the police LOL

And the meaning of being arrested is :

To dream that you are being arrested, indicates issues of control and restraint. Some aspect of your Self may have been prevented from fully developing.

Well.. And that comes to the end of my nightmare and I woke up shocked..

But thank god it was only a nightmare, and although true, she’s ugly, old, stupid and idiotic, I’ll never dirty my hands because of her..

Hahaha~ God bless~

Food shall be reduced..

27 May

Hi guys~

I’m back for now, almost all done with stuffs for Grandpa etc.

Was screening through Facebook and saw this article:

Reading the article gave me some thoughts about food wastage in our developed country and those food that I didn’t wana eat just because I ordered too much, too full etc.

Here I am, wasting so much food, feeding myself like a fatso, stuffing myself every few hours, when in fact, there’s so many people out there who are lacking of foodsssss..

Although I knew this isn’t something new to begin with, but as June is approaching, I shall made a pledge not to waste food and reduce my food intake 🙂

Farewell, Grandpa

19 May

Hey peeps~

Sorry to Yvonne, to disappoint you, Grandpa passed away yesterday morning, so won’t be uploading videos this week..

Blogging will stop for about 5-10 days for preparations of his funeral and other stuffs..

Grandpa left in his sleep wthout struggling~

The whole process was very peaceful..

It was, after all, considered as a good thing for him, since he’s already 83, time’s up..

I had not slept for two days two nights le, now is the 3rd night, had been thinking about sleeping and my brain is not functioning well, coz I have hallucinations like someone talking to me, when I’m the only one in the room.. Haiz..

There’s nothing much to describe at this moment, shall update when stuffs are done 🙂

Farewell Grandpa~!