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Oklahoma City July 2013 (1)

9 Nov

Hello peeps~!

Wanted to write about my two day short trip to OKC in one post, but my computer just refused to load the photos in , so no choice, have to break into two parts~

Here goes:  

I was rotting at the airport waiting for DL622 check in , then I suddenly saw the late shift ppl coming out~! Whee~


So unglam but it really reminds me of my days in Nuance WatsonsDSC00694

With SK2 , Loccitane and La Priarie BA ~ Wahahahaha~


With Gucci Perfume BA ^-^ 


 With M.A.C. BA


With Clinique BA


While waiting, food dropped into my tummy wahahahaha


DL counter and my first time for a long haul trip~


So happy because I used S2 Pass and got business class all the way wahahahahaha~


Went in after getting  my boarding pass and went to main shop to visit MY LA PRAIRIE~ The best thing to apply on your face before your depart~ Faye was working , and here we are 🙂



Passed by DE and saw Carla working there :DDDDDDD




Transit in Japan , Tokyo Narita, realized that Japanese has this vending machine culture everywhere , even insurance also ~

DSC00707 DSC00708 

Bumped into my Sugar Daddy Tony on my transit way, he going to Atlanta, I going to MSP transit to OKC


Business class food menu

Amenities kit and fluffy pillow and westin blanket 🙂

DSC00712 DSC00713 DSC00714 DSC00715

I’m glad there USB charging point 😛


Been wanting to get this , but everytime just never, in the end the price was raised T-T


Eat eat eat, all the way non stop till OKC , omg, I was literally so sick of food, but was so blessed, but I don’t eat sashimi , too bad ~

DSC00718 DSC00719 DSC00720 DSC00721

Shot of Mineapolis , St Paul airport

DSC00722 DSC00723

As usual , my camwhore face ~


This was the connection plane to OKC from MSP, but this was like so small, plane itself, ok… Maybe I was just too fat? I had to move in sideways , time to lose weight wahahahahaha~


Time to get a Starbucks ~


Traveling on staff pass has its good and badsssssssss, the staff gave me a seat beside this guy, who was 1.5x the seat size, and he alrd moved up the hand thing~ So when I saw him from the entrance, I was like… OMG~ how to squeeze with him?

Then I decided to act blur and sit behind him, hoping that nobody will be seated on my row …. Lucky, it was empty for me wahahaha~


Have been wondering how was it like to visit Kancani & Kancana?

Ever since they left in 2007, I always told them I’m going there, but never once did it till this summer in 2013, I was so proud and touched to see the same sky as them~



Sitting in business class is the best thing ever, omg~


Toilet in USA has this high high “hole” where people can peep through~ LOL, Ani told me she always kena peep by kids, so funny~

Looking at this , made me realized the similarities of our McDonald’s toilet~ Really USA style~


Finally! Reached OKC Will Roger’s Airport~ I’m so happy!~!!#@^~&



Hong Kong Trip Oct 2013

5 Nov


I went to Hong Kong , fast paced environment~

Stayed in Regal Oriental Hotel:

Quite cheap , less than $90 SGD per nite:


First few days with Ivan Kor Kor:


Thanks for being with me at my lowest point, encouraging me and till we meet again in HK ^_^


Dinner with To:

It was a food trip hahahahah!

Dim sum time with Min Min & Wang Hong:



Then we went for food again with Purple:

Then follow by Visiting my ex colleague from Arte, my dear Helen at Elements:

Then follow by goldfish st :

My favorite Mobile Softee~~

Then had dinner with Wincy:

At 妹记大排挡:



Then dessert at 聪嫂 at causeway bay :



The next day we had lunch with Tina:

Follow by 黄大仙Temple:


Then we had dinner with Yeeki:

Goodbye Hong Kong!


Macau Trip Oct 2013

23 Oct

Hello people~

I love Macau , as per always, nice food , cultural feeling , close to HK without the rush, nice friendly locals and awesome sightseeing:

But I wonder how is it possible for the apartments to be so compact?

Bus driver so friendly, the fare was 5 Macanese pataca, I wanted to put in 10HKD coin, but they told me they don’t take 10HKD coin, then I wanted to put in 20HKD , the bus driver so nice, gave me a free ride instead, he even asked me where was my destination and stopped for me ^_^

Yes, I had bad skin day LOL, I’m human too ok ? hahahhaha!

I was looking around for Marco’s shop , I knew him in Macau a few years ago when I first came, so I came back to find him, some street views of Macau:

Then some lovely food famous from Macau:


The pretty night buildings of Macau:

Met with Marco for dinner:

Then he drove me around for a stroll of Macau, really nice and peaceful:

Thank you Marco!

Bye Macau!




First time ever ~

15 Oct


Yo peeps~ !

Omgwtfbbq~ Like finally~ I passed my probation period in Delta Air Lines~ Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Then I can abuse my travel benefits and fly like a superpig!

So happy lah~

First time ever sia, I always thought I’m not those who can work under ppl, but nvm, through this job, I managed to be persistent and show discipline in all probation period and never MC~ woah~ I’m so proud , nv chao geng mc~ wahahahahahahhahahaa~

Anyways , so many events lining up and so many monthly travel trips havnt update~

Its gonna be a busy schedule for me till next yr~

Cya guys soon~




springwave sg 2013

21 Aug

This was overdued long ago but nevertheless, being busy with other stuffs makes my post impossible especially with all the uploading of photos, well here goes :

I went for Springscream last year in Taiwan, I was in Taipei when I met one group of Singaporeans travelling for performance and one guy ,  Ivor told me to go Kenting from Taipei, he said it was just a train away. So I went..

Never did I knew that it was freaking far away but it was really a lifetime memory.

I decided to go Taiwan again for the springscream festival, but too bad, I had a new job and had to go for training on April, so  I CAN’t T_T

Luckily I saw this :

I’m so excited and bought the tickets ASAP ^_^


Met with Xiao Meimei, Meishan, and we went for lunch first since we met quite early, and was quite impressed by Garden by the bay, so pretty~


Then again, the garden is so expensive, how can it be not nice? Wahahahaha~


We went to something like a old style kopitiam for lunch~






That is the menu in the form of a “newspaper”, I realized that SG always have such kind of thing around, last time is call “Lokok”, now is the “in” thing wahahahahaha~









Nasi Lemak for Xiao Mei Mei~


Char Kway Teow for me ^_^



Xiao meimei, being the very slim gal, doesn’t eat all these fatty foods, and me, being the fat fat food junkie, happily received her “donations, so the formation was as above ^_^




While xiao mei mei went toilet, I started my camwhore habits



After a sastifying lunch, we headed out to the queue, and guess what? The queue was right in the front, but we are so so so far away , and pengkang like a roasted pig 😛


This ticket reminds me of our times when we were young, already know her for 10yrs, first time we met was when I was 13, during a S.H.E. album autograph session, and I still remembered we were sleeping in one corner outside Takashimaya while que-ing overnight ~


Those were the times~ Ahhhhhhhhhhh~


Now we’re still the same pattern ^_^


It was a sunny yellow banana day ~ Reminds me of the day I went to Kenting too, the sky was as blue as this, or even better, but the weather, wahahahahahahahahahaha~


coincidentally, I was wearing the same top as the day I went for Springscream 2012 Taiwan, it was just fated bah ~









Weather was very warm, but the breeze make up for the atmosphere , was really lovely~


Blue sky, white clouds, colours, sun and grass, with lovely music, I guess, this is an expression of youth bah ^_^



The stage was just getting ready, we actually had a long queue because of the security checks which are long ~


Being a “vampire”, its hard to imagine that I would step out in scorching sun to watch a concert, but yeah~





Poor xiao mei mei was more of a Vampy than me, she had all her shelters, umbrella, jacket with hoodie, while I just embraced the sun, but I used  SPF130 PA++ sunblock ^_^




Expression of youthssssssssssssssssss  :





The view was really awesome, a very nice picture which resembles spring, although it’s summer all year round in Singapore 😛




I missed the huge sausage that Taiwan sold in the concert, but we had a mini version in Singapore, as the saying goes: No fish, prawn also good~ Translate into chinese or hokkien 😛




Lucky for me, did a waterproof & sweatproof makeup ~ Never melts~









Concert started and we had our fun , passion was as hot as the sun ^_^






As the sun goes down, our passion got even higher with more and more fantastic singers coming on stage ^_^



Wang Ruo Lin, she is so cool, with her voice and all her quirky and fun songs, very different from the commercial ones yet kept us entertained





This lady was so cool, she was standing there whole afternoon doing the recording and she can tahan all the heat and all that~ Awesome~





Ah yue! Zhang zheng yue~ So cool~ Always been my idol~


I saw Jianwen on stage hosting on behalf of ufm1003, but he was at the backstage, too far away, so I thought to myself, If I bumped into him , I will take a photo with him~ 10yrs passed so quickly~ When I said hello to him, he stared at me for a second, then he suddenly was so shocked and happy~ It was like a reunion for us, all the 10yrs down the road, remembering Toshi and him , when they just came out to work as Radio DJs, while I was still studying in Secondary school, it was during that period that shaped me to be what I am now, I wanted to be a DJ and I did it ^_^


We were chatting about what we were doing etc. And I told Jianwen about what I had studied and what am I doing now, and he was quite concern, could see his “guan xin” for me , and honestly, I was really touched, guess its not the time we spent but the quality. He also asked me if I’m more “obedient” now, hehehehehe, I was famous for being “guai lan” de wor, but now old liao, grow up liao, more obedient abit le~ 😛

Promise you I will be a good girl okies ~ ^_^


Free drink from catching the Singtel ball~















If you can see, I’m tanned the whole thing, and the worst thing, next day I have a photoshoot~





After the fun and tiring event, it really seems that we’ve aged, last time even if we waited for one whole night, will still be energetic, but now, no more, tired and hungry~ so we went for our dinner at Carls Junior~




End the story with a pic of old buddies ~ WHEE~

For my haters out there

8 Aug

Dear people,
I don’t understand why you spent your time to hate me, which I had not done anything wrong to you. If you’re offended by the post on facebook, then you can jolly well just block me, why bother to tag me and scold me when I never point finger at who?

Certain times, some people are just not meant to click, and that’s it, just move on. Why you bother to get your friendsssssssssssssss, you teenage daughter and your daughter’s friend friend friend to harass me ?

I admit, if this is not Singapore, I would probably be scared, because of those words that you threatened me, scold me in public chats , targeting at me, threatening that you’re gonna do something to me on a specific day at a specific venue.

But come on! This is Singapore, and I’m not afraid of you, old hag, you are 40+ yrs old and you try to bully me when you come to my house? I had to endure the vulgarities you scolded me just for some small matter?

And pls! You’re double my age, so pls don’t associate yourself with me and act like as though you are so good etc. I admit that we are human, and we do err sometimes, but it doesn’t mean, I should endure with vulgarities , cursing, swearing at my house , in my face! You can scold me behind my back, I don’t care~

As for friends and families of the lady who self associated herself with my FB post, I would like to apologize to those people of hers, because it has got nothing to do with you, but you’re angry because you love your dear ones and it is understandable.

 For that lady who threatened me, she just badmouthed me behind on things that she thought was correct, but its ok, I treated you like a sister initially,  but I really cannot tolerate you threatening me and scolding me vulgarities at my house, enough is enough.

Another thing, for this person by the name of Desmond, I have nothing against you, we have nothing wrong, and I’m really happy for you when you’re getting married, if you could remembered , the day before you fly off, I still saw you at Mustafa. Anway, I don’t blame you for being angry, you don’t understand the full thing, and I’m not gg be like somebody, to show everyone what is happening on my fb and private msgs of ppl trying to threaten me, accuse me or even abuse me.

You may be  right, I’m saying someone is fat  and old, no doubt, one day when I get really old, and I’m still fat, then I’m fat and old, ok? For now , I’m still young and fat. You can call me a  pig , I don’t mind, if I’m fat because of my choice, who am I to blame when ppl call me silly names? FYI , if a woman of 40+ yrs old, with two kids can be bullied just by a facebook comment on my own wall, whithout naming who, then the world can be bullying her, and there is no point to argue  abt this.

To that woman; even if it means that you’re going to scold me on fb, getting thousands of people to harass me ,be a  paper tiger / keyboard warrier/ or a real fat warrior showing up on  show events and creating a scene , its alrite, come on then , GROW UP old woman~ ^_^

Happy 21st Birthday Li Hui~

10 Mar

Well, it was my dear Li Hui 21st Birthday!

How time flies, it’s already 15 years since I know her~

女大18变, very true~ Now she is so SWEE liao~


IMAG1241 IMAG1242 IMAG1243 IMAG1244 IMAG1245 IMAG1246 IMAG1247 IMAG1248 IMAG1249

Long Long time never see her family le~ Now see her still got good foodies~  IMAG1250 IMAG1251 IMAG1252


IMAG1253 IMAG1254


Happy 21st Li Hui~!