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Always don’t understand why ?

21 Oct

Hello Peeps!

As the title, I always don’t understand why…. why are there so much bo liao things around?

My school is so lame, and still bragging it up, erhem!

Sorry , is my ex school LOL

Anyways , I’ve grad from this school le, but still receive lame newsletter, imagine last time when I was still studying, my lecturer literally forced everybody to add the school’s course facebook into our account, like literally call one by one up and then just force us to log into our account to add them!~ wtf ? pls?

It is MY freedom to whether I wana add you on my own FB, what right do you have to demand me to add your school group shit? LOL

Anyways , here is another joke from my ex school!~

retard poly 1 retard poly 2 retard poly 3


OMG~ look at the stupid criteria and sometimes I do wonder, if the student is so PERFECT~ Somemore graduate already~ why would he want to come back to this stupid school to serve the school? OMG!~

You old big deal arh ?

20 Jun

Hello peeps!
If you’re wondering where had I “MIA” to , I’ve been to work!~

People who know me will know that it’s almost impossible for me to work full time, or to sell myself to a company~

Because, no company is worth to sell yourself, unless it’s your own 😀

Anyway, at 3.30am, I suddenly felt the urge to blog despite the crazy timing and I have to work later~

I’ve a hard time trying to adapt to a regular life, working, go home, sleep, do French homework~ which is why I’m doing a little bit of shift work so that my routine don’t change so drastically~

But anyway, back to the topic of why I’m blogging at such wee hours~

Because… “You old big deal arh?”


Personally, I believed that if you’re at fault, then you are. Regardless of your age.

Yes, we can say that young people lack of experiences, ignorant blah blah blah..

We can say that old people, traditional thinking, blah blah blah~

Yes yes yes!~

We can forgive young people who make mistakes, give face to old people by not forcing them to own up their mistakes etc.

But then again, bear in mind, if you’re the party at fault, please shut up your fat mouth, either you apologize using your bloody mouth, or you just SHUT THE FUCK UP 🙂

I really hate it when the old peeps are at fault and still try to shift this and that~ OMG~

Well, what is the world becoming to ?

I salute the lady who managed to tolerate her~ If she was the one who attempted to take my photo, I will call the police~ Trust me~ I’ve done that before~

YOU OLD BIG DEAL ARH ? Hahahahaha~

Considerations for my future

9 Feb

Hi guys,

I believed some of you would already knew about me going to Hong Kong for 2 weeks and Taiwan for two weeks as well..

Altogether, it would add up to one month, which will be the longest “vacation” I would have for my life, until now at least.

The reason for being away for so long is because, I wanted to try going overseas to seek my future.. Be it my career or studies.

I went to Hong Kong once, and it was only for a pathetic one day.. But nevertheless, HK is a nice place, at least for me.. Because I felt that, I like how the landscape is, how the weather is when it’s cold, how everything look so “dramatic”, because I’m a HK drama fan.. So yeah.. It feels quite unbeliveable for me to be walking into “movies & dramas”..

That aside, HK people are more direct, and I prefer that. Although sometimes they may sound a little rude to extremely rude, but at least, that’s how it works and HK ppl are very practical people.. I like that 🙂

I flaged for a taxi, and ask the driver go to my hotel, which was 5mins drive away, and I even gave him a map, point out to him where.. And he just gave me two words, “Don’t know”….. I guess it was just a culture in HK 😛

As for Taiwan, I’ve always been a fan of Taiwanese Drama, it was just AWESOME!

Say I’m an idiot, say any shit you want, I DON’T CARE 😛

Another thing about TW is, I LOVE NAMEWEE!!!

Something that’s rude but true from Namewee

I was laughing in the middle of nite! His movie is AWESOME! I watched it twice, wished he could gave me two tickets 😛

He is just pure awesome! I wanted to go Ming Chuang Uni because my IDOL , Namewee was there to complete his studies, and I just felt that he’s damn impressive, able to do something that lives in my heart !

This was what I was viewing, it was not bad, sounds like Namewee though:

But of course, again, I may not be talented even with proper training…T

Nevertheless, I wana go to HK & TW to try living like a local and see if I like it and then plan my next step..

But think again, he’s not wrong to ask for no racism, although sometimes Namewee is doing it in a comical way, but at least, its better than this:

This is the real development journalism, what we learnt in school was totally “crap” cause of this..

But then again, racism is a scary thing…
Incidents in Indo, Africa etc. Showed all the scary and ugly side of the world… I couldn’t help by sigh… nothing could be changed and people are just repeating their mistakes and all the hypo… Mao Mao was right ..

It just freaking reminded myself of the time when I joined Red Cross, the pledge and everything… It was a pity I didn’t complete Red Cross in Beatty, it was something I was passionate about T_T

Also, I think I will spend all my $ on vacation, so if you’re my boss, pls continue to give me jobs aft I come back otherwise I GG alrd T_T

As for potential sponsors/ whatever boss , do email me if you wana work with me 🙂

Goodbye Lukas! Come back soon! :D

22 Dec

As above, am bidding goodbye to Lukas..

Was way overdue, but am sick…

Forgot to add on, my sickness, started with flu, until my nose almost dropped off, then food poisoning for few days, too weak to even go doctor, stay alone prepared to die alone de, so no big deal 😀

Then aft that, respiratory infection. Then together, add with eye infection. And I’m not even a lens wearer.. jialat.. was it because I never sleep for two days straight?

OK. Back to Lukas.

Let me Gan En 1st..

Thank you Nuffnang for letting me know Lukas! AWESOME


I went to Toa Payoh to meet Daniel, Qiu and Lukas.

At Toa Payoh, we decide to bring Lukas to drink Koi, since it’s his last day in Singapore liaosssss

So at Koi..

I bumped into Biao Ge ~


Tong Zi 😀
AWESOME, coz tongzi and me fated de 😀

We went to Whoampoa Keng for Fish soup and Zi Char~ Must thank my dear Natashino / Natatoast for bringing me there on my birthday, otherwise, jiu.. wahahahaha

Donald met us there 😀

some text
Daniel is so photogenic, coz I took the photo 😀

Qiu with her Rayban Specs 😛

Star of the day, Lukas Wellinger

Me is a toast 😀

Our Foodies for the nite :

Lao Niang’s Camwhoring time :

You think its the end ? Wahahaha!

Next, we walked back to the bus stop, to digest, after a full table of foodies..

We walked past this dodgy long kang, and Donald said to Lukas, ” Lets go in and do something!” .. Lyk some LJ dai ji , then Lukas said “fuck you!” LOLOL!

I took the last few photos of Lukas strolling in SG 😀

On the way…

I thought this was quite nice?

Finally got the chance to :

Walk to the back of Trellis Tower 😀

Lukas and me try to act like couple 😛

my face again

Lukas’ nail art

We departed at TPY interchange.

Next day, I went to Lukas’ hse to help him carry his luggage to airport

His luggages were so big and heavy, we were like siao lang, so many ppl look at us in train 😛

Lukas made cakes for us 😛

I bought a Domo for Lukas, looked for it for damn long then manage to find one pillow like domo, so in case Lukas don’t hug it, at least he can use as pillow and wont throw him away T_T
Now this small one is a German Domo 😛

Lukas and Domo migrating to Germany

That’s how much we had

Wait! What is HAPPENING?

OH NO!!!!


We walked… to …


Last sg meal before he left 😀

Photo Taking TIME!



2 Nov

Today was quite an “eventful” day…

Initially wanted to go for classes at S&S, wanted to arrive in the afternoon, but in the end, rained heavily.

So I decided to go for the nite class.

Met Donald for Brunch.

Macs @ TJ Pagar~

Later on, had to double check with office for room booking, realised I wasn’t given any slots for the whole month… OMG T_T

Later on, took forever to negotiate with the office people. Did some work stuffs.

Today was a bad day, but overall not bad… haiz..

Ber & Peinah, were supposed to collect my work $ from some bitch, named Cecilia~ The boss is Joanne.

So yes, this Joa**e owe me the pay for like 3 months? And she guai lan-ed me. Threatening not to pay me if I don’t “Pao-toh-ed” the person who gave me her address.

Initially, it was “one of my bosses” who asked me to work, and she said it was straight cash on that day.

In the end, gave me some lame excuses of paying for costumes and no$ to pay now.

My ” one of the bosses” said she will settle with me “next week”, as I’ve another job with her “next week”.

In the end, next week also delay my payment. RUBBISH.

The previous post on MUA is dedicated to “These people who don’t pay makeup artist” and purposely make life difficult for them to collect payment.

So yeah.

The mother dog, Joa**e, said she’s gonna pay me, after I paid a visit to her hse. I didn’t go there to create a din, but rather, it was her maid and her mother who “invited” me in , to sit down and wait for the dog to come back.

I heard other makeup artists also did the same to get their salary. FML lah!

So that freaking idiot J person, threaten to “don’t pay me” and threatened to sue me for creating a din in her hse? Come on lah, I just sat there to wait for her to come back. What can you do ?

If you pay me, or you can be contacted via phone and you don’t MIA on every appointment payment daysssssss ( abt 3x), do you think I’ll go your ulu house?

Your house is so dark, your area is so scary, as though it’s haunted. Hello? I stay in town sia. FML

BUKIT PANJANG some private hse-ing area.

To “my bosses” , don’t open your mouth to promise me if you can’t do it. It is simply very sad to see you “betraying” me and “ignoring” all my sms-es for 2 weeks.

Both Ber & peinah called that C bitch and bomb until she die, and nv pick up, so they gave up to collect for me.

Well, some may ask why they have to collect my salary for me ?

Because majority of the $ supposed to belong to them, but yet, because the bitch delayed a thousand times, so I paid them with my own $, then the $ became mine.

So now, is my problem, not their problem anyways.

I’m not blaming anyone, but just reflecting on my “work values” to have contacts before working. That’s my policy,but I broke it a few times recently.

With some BOTAKS and some other ppls, and it PROVED to be a grave mistake.

What to do ? I asked for it. FML

So later, I dropped by Manpower to see Hui Keng, Lynn, Annie and Peggy. And yes, so HENG! All of them were there at the front desk. Fated to see them lah!

Hui Keng’s Wedding is coming, and I’m so excited lah!

Jason called me today and told me her mum wanted night cream and day cream instead of masks as samplers!~

Aiyoh Jason, that samplers was the last few packets of anti-aging products I had, need to order liaos~ Sorry auntie, is Jason lost the packets, so bo bian, wait awhile bah ~ 😛

Mao Mao made me very very very dulan today.

His identity and job issues, then he still talk so much. As though he can choose like that? I was so pissed off.

When will he ever learn to be practical ? Stop being so emotional and going round the bush?

There’s no time to waste, and yet he is wasting half of his time off. I thought after his army, he would think through and come back for the real hard work. But I wasn’t quite right. He just used his thinking and way of working in Taiwan and not adapting to the Singapore style while doing his stuffs in SG.

I understand the cultural issues, but I guess, had been here for about 4 yrs, should be able to adapt :X

There are 999 out of 1000 times he had to “not listen to instructions” … Its not that he don’t understand, but he just don’t follow. What is wrong with you? You need $, I intro u “jobs”, not ask u steal, why must choose this and that?

Look at how Jimmy worked hard for his $, what about you ?

Stop being unrealistic and wana find a condo room for $850 if you’re not the  sub land lord. Please, people need to “earn some money”. ~

Sometimes I think, if some things you can’t afford, just live without. Not as though you’ll die.

While talking to Mao Mao, I asked him not to hang up the phone, while I conference with Jason, I was afraid Jason couldn’t understand his “english” and wanted to be on the line to help in communication. He said ok, and as soon as I put him on hold and called up Jason, he hung the line. WTF ?

I got so angry, as it was the N times he couldn’t follow simple instructions though he’s not an idiot.


Enough of him.

I went to Kamp*n* Ba**u, to collect the payment. During office hours, and the mother dog wasn’t in office.

The J dog don’t allow ber and peinah to authorize me to collect the $~

So I don’t know if I can get it either.

But anyway, the day was hot, sun was bad, I was sweating like a mother dog, no eyebrows, nothing. FML.

Went there, and in the end, the MOTHER DOG WASN’T in~

Sometimes, I really think what goes around comes around.

I had to went down to Tony’s office to talk to Cindy and Tony. Victor was there too, and he jokingly told me, Tony had implement a new rule, to weigh their tenants before renting the rooms to them.

Just like selling pork. I will  be charged most T_T

So far, out of so many of his tenants, I’m like the fattest? LOL

So the “negotiating” of rental and locations  and my roommate and some other stuffs literally took me about 2 hours.Haiz… Time delayed.

In the end, I couldn’t finish my work on time and I couldn’t go Boonlay to take bus to Bukit Indah.

So I had to cancel my class. I felt so apologetic to Tebby.

Anyways, after that, Webster called.

Donald was joking that Webster de brother is called Lobster ! Diao =,=

So we met Webster. Go town.

Webster said he wear until very shag. Damn cui, Donald wore like a Janitor, I wore a floral dress, but no makeup, so I look like crap. Yeah~

So we three, cui shagged triplets went to town. LOL

Webster said he have a Domo on his bed, I’m like so excited~

There’s this guy called Barry, who kept bullying Donald. STUPID IDIOT, 25 YEARS OLD STILL BRAGGING JUST BECAUSE YOU WORKED IN MAC BEFORE? Come on ? Try me lah~! Only Donald so nice, let you bully. LIM PEH let you know arh ~

Anws, hes just a keyboard warrior~ Joker, useless idiot? Bully someone soft, for wad sia ?

I guess, he’s like my brother. LOW SELF ESTEEM~

We walked in PS, for like the longest time, until my legs FML~

Went to a book shop, where Daniel de friend was there working, I bought organizers and some notebooks.

From this month onwards, I’m gonna record all my expenses, then I can budget my $~

Getting a new organizer means treating myself better despite my busy schedule~

Life has a better start, although it meant I’ve little time to rest, but its real tight and eventful.

Oh ya, must thank Carina for her help in lending me keys, otherwise I can’t open up the office for classes and one of the LOL people who kept mistaken me as “helen” will not let me into my class! FML

Also must apologize to Carina, for the late , super duper late  returning of keys, its not I don’t wana return. But is because  I’m really busy! My phone line was cut off because I don’t have time to go pay bills. But now I know, can use credit card  make payment via phone can le, so easy~! 😀

Today Webster and me had the same opinion on lotsa things~ Finally I found someone of my generation who can think “normally” like me, or maybe,abnormal toast thinking?

We went Xin Wang to sit down and were simply too full, but I still die die ordered their porridge, but it was a liar~

It was supposed to be cantonese porridge, but it came out as teochew style, so sad~

So we chatted for quite some time, after getting Lukas’ gift~ SO SAD, He’s leaving soon ~


But nvm, memories are forever~ Until I forget of course!~

Lucky our chat was funny, otherwise, my otherwise boring porridge would never be interesting :~


That’s it for now~


A New Life Gone Wrong T_T

6 Oct

In case you’re wondering why I woke up so early at 7am, I can tell you why.

I’ve not slept due to the crazy bitch in my room! 

Seriously, I think she got mental problem…

Oh ya.. By the way, her name is Rachel.A, some Pinoy working in far east organization. 

1st night:

This bitch came home at 12am, I was napping , and she just happily on the lights without sparing a thought for me!

Later I woke up and left home for awhile, so when I came back, I went to my room and in my freaking small corner, I watched videos, with ear piece of course!

Awhile later, she starting flapping vigorously on her bed! YE S! Just like a duck, coz she can’t fly! WTF?

If that’s not bad enough…

She started slamming the bed with her fist, and if you’re wondering how could I see when its so dark in the room, my laptop was on!

Follow by…

Her screaming at me, to ask me go to the living room!

WTF? U mother fucker cheebye! I paid for my fucking rental ok ? 

The next thing she did ?

She gave out this dog barking sound and ran to the toilet, slamming the door on the way at about 3-4am ? When there’s other housemates sleeping!

Feeling that she’s mentally unsound, I decided to faster go sleep to see if I can avoid the problem with her!

I just felt that she would rush into the kitchen, take a knife and stab me… FML 

In the morning…

She started tearing down the whole house! 

Repeatedly slamming the doors of the wardrobe +room+toilet! FMLWTFCCBKNNFML! 

For half an hour! WTF ? So I was tortured for half hour and even after sleeping till the afternoon, I was so shocked by her, I forgot my wallet, which, inside has my access card to my freaking condo and my blk.. FML!

It was only after I left the condo then I realised… So I had to walk back, tell the guard I forgot my wallet and blah blah blah.

When I told him I forgot my wallet and my access card is inside, he said ” what wallet? My wallet?” and then proceeds to wana take out his wallet! WTF?

Then again, I explained about my problem, and he repeatedly asked me , ” Then what you bring out? ” !!!

CHEEBYE! Don’t let me see you outside? Arhbo Lim Peh scold u gao gao ! KNN!

Mother fucker bastard! I already say, I nv bring my fucking wallet out! Can’t you understand ? I brought everything, including my makeup, my loose powder, my shades , makeup brush, my phone and wadsoever! But I DON’T HAVE MY WALLET LAH!!! NBCBKNNB!

Anyways.. the first night was horrible. I don’t wana quarrel with her, so I decided to text her, telling her that if her frustrations was due to me, I would try my best to minimize my noise level, to the best of my ability and hope she would do so too… She replied OK..

2nd Night:

I saw her downstairs, at my block. I decided to..


So I quickly escaped into my room and pulled up my blankets and slept.. I tried so hard to sleep and badly wanted “Someone” to bring me away…

When she came back, she minimized her noise, and never on the lights, then she quietly change her clothes…

I knew what was happening but I just act that I was still sleeping…

In the morning, she minimized her noise level too… So I thought…Maybe she was not used to me only ?

I decided to watch videos again that night. And had brought my laptop out to the living room. I watched till 6am + and crawl back to sleep.

And I swear! I made the least noise ever possible, using only my handphone to shine the light to look for my blanket.

I thought I could have a peaceful night…


How naive was I ?

This mother fucker cheapskate bitch started house tearing again! FML !

This time for 1.5 hours non stop action! WOW ?

I’ve enough of her! I was determined to move  out! And so, I texted the agentj immediately and went to his office later on to settle.


I’m moving house this Saturday!!!! YEAH!!!! 

Goodbye BITCH!!! 😀

So you think …Being a Make-up artist…

4 Oct

is glamorous ?

Being a Makeup artist is only about fun ?

Is only about passion?

Is only about good money /easy source of income?


Let me tell u …its all bullshit!

I’m only in this line for 3 years, although I can’t say I’ve seen all the craps and bullshit, but lets be fair, I’ve been through quite some events and others.

No forgetting sometimes I do part-time performing etc. I’ve seen how Make-up Artist was being treated like crap and so on..

Let me count all the bad things that happened to people in our line..

1. Clients requesting for a flawless smooth skin/ complexion when they come to us with faces filled with acne, bumps and lumps, even the road is better!(Hello?! I’m a make-up artist, not a plastic surgeon)


2. When you only have 2 mins to draw the whole face, client request you to draw 3D makeup, and only paying $100 for about 30-50 faces in total to be drawn ? ( Come on, if you wana good makeup, super fast quality, pay more lah? then can hire more people, have more time to do on one face rite? Somemore have the cheek to ask “eh! you can do 3D make up for Dinorella or not? WTF is Dinorella? )

3. Some times when you do make up for certain artistes, they thought they’re so famous, that they can anyhow throw temper at the MUA? Come on lah, if you really know how to do the exact look? Then why bother to queue up for the MUA ?

4. Payment always delay!~ (This one really FML!) Recently I got 4 person to be MUA for one whole freaking day…

I got my friends to come together with me to work… Initially before working , the agreement was to pay straight cash instantly after work.

But after work, the boss of mine, who is also my friend, said there’s no payment today due to her partner paying the $ for the costumes, there’s not enough…

Ok fine, because next week I still have assignment with her, so I took her word for it when she said she’s gonna pay me next week.

Initially, I took up the assignment with her because firstly, she’s my boss/ friend. She has been very nice to me and I think I should do the same too..

But… next week… she told me , she’ll settle with me in another week, when I meet her… and so.. I believed her again..

Time flies .. and its 2months gone!  The payment was not ready… I keep chasing my boss, until she gave me the number of the person in charge and she talked to me… She arranged for weekend to meet me up, on the Friday, to be exact. I was told to text her after I woke up to arrange a timing and location to collect.

On that day… SHe went MIA! Called and text her numerous times, just didn’t get back… I went to turn to my boss… OH MY!!!! Not even reply my text although it’s urgent…. WTF ?

So.. These texts and calls continued for two weeks, until I can’t wait already.. I talked to my friend, and that’s when she told me, there’s other make up artists who can’t get their payment as well, they went over to the CHEE BYE MOTHER FUCKER’S place at BUKIT PANJANG! Seriously it’s an FML place, I die also won’t stay there… Those people who went.. they got their money…

I went as well, and THE MOTHER FUCKER WASN’T IN… So I told the maid I wana wait outside, the maid and her Mom invited me in to wait… And that’s when… the CHEEBYE MOTHER FUCKER called back…


Anyway, the mother fucker forced me to PAO TOH the person who told me her address, otherwise she’s not gg pay me! 


Serve you right for your hubby having an affair outside! You must have some cheebye pattern and that’s why he does that to you? WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

Anyways, I’m not such a chee bye kia to pao toh people hor? My boss came and told me I won’t get my money today, even though this chee bye kia stay in super landed property, bird don’t lay egg place, and she’s mother fucking rich, but she don’t have a few hundreds with her!!@#!@!@!$%&^*()_

Then the two of my talk cock to me, say must understand this and that, must be emotional, must understand her thoughts etc. Must know that my boss is facing so much trouble etc.

Eh ? Who’s gonna understand me ? You are my boss, and you should pay me for my work, not threaten me NAH ZBEH!

Ok.. finally, my boss told me,  the MOTHER FUCKER IS GONNNA PAY ME TMR when I go down to her office and submit my IC photocopy! The full payment!

So yes, the next day, I went to office to collect payment, and the mother fucker say she’s only paying me 1/4 because my 3 friends have to come to collect on their own… Just happened my another friend is with me, and I managed to call the other two to come down… and even when the 3 of them come down, the MOTHER FUCKER don’t wana pay them… She purposely make them come down double trip for a small amount of money.. and make them wait for 7 days + 2 months!


I’m so angry with this kinda fuckers! And she even called to harass my friends a few times…

Ok, having said all these, all aspiring make up artists, please understand you need to work in fucked up environment unless you’re really lucky… which is .. most likely, you won’t, otherwise, you’ll strike a lottery already!

Of course, there are others and lots of horror stories about being a makeup artist…

But I shall keep it until next time… until I move house again.. maybe within this month 🙂

Rawrrrrrrrr T_T

8 Sep

I’m so angry T_T

So ANGRY with u!

How can you even demand me to do something ? NI NA BU!

Angry until wana cry.. KNN T_T

Why am I angry with you ? Waste my time only!

NA Beh! 

FML~ Toh Kheng Swee!~@$%^&*()_#$%*()_(*&^#$%^&*()_

A Humiliating Experience

24 Aug

Although I keep saying I will update my blog on Thursday, but I am SUPER SUPER PISSED OFF!



I wanted to write a complain email to that company, but apparently, the company doesn’t have an official website/ email.

As the Chinese say, this is call 有苦说不清

Below is a complain letter. If I can’t email them, I shall boycott them. The company is “Andrea Moda”, selling shoes in Toa Payoh central, opposite NTUC.

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Horrible customer service received in Toa Payoh outlet

I bought a pair of shoes from the Toa Payoh outlet on 23rd August night, I was served by one of your staff Alvin, the shoes was a pair of platforms.

On 24th August, I wore the pair of shoes which cost me $29.90. Within 3 hours of normal wearing and minimal walking, one of the shoes detached, the platform and the top part literally separated into two parts, I used a tube of superglue to glue it, but to avail, the shoe soon detached again.

Wearing the pair of “defect” shoes, I went back to the outlet to look for your staff, she has long hair and slim built. I told her about my shoes problem, and I remove the pair of shoes and pass it to her, I then sat down at the bench in the outlet. After waiting for about 5 minutes, another staff of yours, which is a middle-age woman, came out, and she told me that she’ll have to send my shoes back to the head office for verification and checks before she can repair my shoes.

I then asked her about what will I be wearing if she removed my only pair of shoes which is with me now?

The middle age staff of your company, then told me that she has no choice, and can’t help me, then I asked her for the duration to repair the shoes, she said she had no idea, without even asking anyone/calling to verify.

I was at a loss on what to do, and then, this middle age staff or “aunty”, told me she’ll bring my shoes to the cobbler and see if there is any solution. So I waited for her to return.
Upon her returning, she told me the cobbler told her that the pair of shoes can only be repaired by the next day, and she had already took my shoes to the cobbler without notifying me about the delay of repair.

I was shocked to know that my shoes are gone, and I’ve no shoes to wear, and I’m rushing for an appointment.

I then questioned her about what am I going to wear since she took away my shoes, she told me that the slim lady, which is the branch manager instructed her to take my shoes for repair.

Then I wanted to her to let me speak to someone who can make decision, this aunty, then said that it was the “big boss” instructions to bring any shoes for repair, either to the cobbler or to main office. As I said, I wanted to speak to the boss or anyone in charge; she then told me that even she herself can’t see the boss, who do I think I am to see the boss?
Then she suggested me to buy another pair of shoes, I then asked her if I will get discount, and how much discount will I get if I buy another pair. She replied me with a “10%” and she said, at most “15%”.

I looked at her in disbelief, it was just like forcing me to pay for another pair of shoes, without even notifying me. After that, I asked for 30% discount at the very least, in the whole process, the “manager” didn’t even speak up, it was the “aunty” who kept talking back to me in a rude and demanding tone. I got a reply from the aunty, “NO SUCH THINGS”, it was in a rude tone and she gave me a disgusted look.

After which, the aunty told me, “I lend you my shoes, then you can save money” &“otherwise, you can wear my shoes to go other stores and buy if you like” I felt really discriminated as though I’m a beggar in your store.

My mind was in a blank for a few seconds, and your staff happily walked away ignoring me.

At that point of time, I badly wanted to cry in your store, and it is the first time I ever had such bad shopping experience in my WHOLE LIFE TIME.

Later on, I walked around your store BAREFOOTED and looked around for shoes fitting my size and my outfit.

I’m very disappointed with the horrendous customer service received, on top of the shoe being broken within 3 hours of wearing.

After 5mins of choosing, I finally bought a pair of low wedges, and the aunty didn’t give me any 15% discount as promised. On the receipt, it indicated that I was served by Irene Loh.

I’m horrified by this shopping experience, I felt insulted and humiliated, therefore decided to write this complain letter. I hope the management will do something about this kind of lousy working attitude.

Lastly, I hope to receive a respond from the management within 3 working days and compensate me for this horrible experience.

Thank you for your time to read this mail.