Harrison & Candy Wedding Hong Kong Dec 2014

29 Dec

Hello People~

Went to attend Harrison & Candy’s wedding in Hong Kong in December 🙂

I was very touched to see him getting married, who knew that our friendship could last so long ? We met during student exchange program in my days in ITE in 2008.

The pastor said this during the wedding, which was quite true” 你一结婚就要学习忍, 以前你们谈恋爱的时候,女方会花很多时间为你打扮, 男方会愿意花很多时间等你打扮, 当你结婚后,每天看到对方,还没梳头刷牙就见到对方。现在女方不会为了见你花时间打扮,男方不会为了见你等你很长时间,所以第一件事就是学会忍”。 This was quite funny.

Translated to English, ” the first thing after marriage for both parties is to learn how to tolerate, while dating , the girl will spend hours dolling herself just to meet you , the guy will wait a long time for you to get ready, after marriage, you see each other daily, even without combing your hair nor brushing teeth, you will meet everyday. The lady will not spend hours to doll up just to meet you , neither the guy will wait for long hours for you to get ready, so the first thing is to learn to tolerate”.

Well I guess, HK people are more realistic compared to other places where they simply said good things LOL, but quite true though 🙂

It was my first time attending a HK style banquet , Tina went with me , Ken needed to go Macau for work:


They were so busy the whole night ^_^

The banquet had everything in 12 portions , it was funny, I asked Tina was the table very big , because we could only sit 10 persons in one table, but in HK , it was 12/table LOL

Oh well, yes , the table was quite big as per HK standard 🙂





At the end of every Chinese HK style wedding they will have oranges for you to take back, I asked Tina why, but somehow it was just the norm and nobody could gave me an answer on this LOL

Blissful wedding !


Happy 24th Birthday Jon~

24 Sep

Happy 24th Birthday to my dearest friend, Jonathan ~

16 years of friendship, thanks for entertaining me wahahaha~

You will always be my “first love” HAHAHAHAHAHA~

Have a blast and may god bless with you long lasting youth ^_^

Congrats to me~

22 Sep

Hello people~

Congrats to me, finally I finished my Diamonds Graduate Theory classes~

Thank god, I was so afraid I can’t pass the exam~~

Now left with some lab classes and stuffs and I’ll have a diamond grader’s qualification ^_^

William’s wedding Jakarta Trip Aug 2014

13 Sep

Hello People~

Went to Jakarta last August, for Willie’s wedding~

So happy, see the bliss in his eyes, everything was worth it! Friend, I really wish you happy ^_^

I took Garuda to Jakarta, the first time to travel after I change name ^_^

Food for SIN-CGK flight:

After reaching the hotel, which was not ready~ Went to Herbalife to order stuffs and was told, I can’t order for Indonesia T_T

Its in the prime area known as Mega Kuningan~

I Climbed out of my window to get this view at my hotel’s room ^_^

In the midnight, we went to meet Willie, he was just opposite us, the groom to be ^_^



Wedding @ Ritz Carlton~

This silly sweet guy was so funny when he asked his wife for the first dance, the bliss in his eyes, the happiness, IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU William Wijaya!~ GROW UP LIAO~

The Fairy tale goes on….

Breakfast @ Ritz Carlton:


On the way to airport:

Met them at the airport , brother going back to SG, Willie gonna go Europe next day:

Willie I am so proud of you ! ^_^


27 Jun

我的心理已經決定要一輩子守護你,已經決定祝福你, 因為你快樂, 我就開心, 愛不是占有~

記得那天你說, 問我有什麼問題的時候, 我一時很氣,但是想到已經決定了, 難道如果不成, 就不能是朋友?

每次來, 我都期待見到你, 離別時, 不捨, 難過, 心痛, 好像快死了一樣,這次我沒有~

兩年了, 相遇時, 感覺對了, 只怪我們在不對的情況遇到對的人,都是因為我們很遠~

我不後悔遇見你, 把我的心給了你兩年, 今天我決定放下,把我對你的愛昇華了~




Springwave 2014

27 Jun


19 May

昨天又跟爸爸吵架, 又在大庭廣眾罵他, 還大聲罵!

在公共場所大哭, 在商場邊走路邊哭,很丟臉。

回家不停哭, 廢寢忘食的哭, 歇斯底里的哭, 除了哭還是哭。
沒有表情的流淚, 已經沒有聲音了, 就是流淚, 一直流淚。

回想當時成天在家會被哥哥怒 虐待, 被他打, 因為電視機被打, 因為插頭被打,我要念書也要被打, 每天想著怎麼樣防止被哥哥打, 除了被打, 還是被打。

哥哥大我8歲, 年輕不是藉口。

還有無限的恐嚇, 除了恐嚇, 還是恐嚇。

曾經, 打電話找朋友來我家救我成了家常便飯, 也試過多次報警,因為哥哥恐嚇。

被打報警, 家常便飯。

年幼的我, 錄口供,被母親在警察面前誣衊,哥哥在爸爸面前猛摑掌我, 但是沒有人救我。

警察說我未滿18歲, 不可以把案子拖3年, 到21歲再告他。

如果父母沒簽字, 親戚沒幫你,就不能申請人身保護令,唯一的辦法是住收容所, 告父母。

無數次上法庭, 無數次被輔導員逼問, 淚流滿面, 一生難忘。