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Goodbye Yi Po :)

17 Dec

Yesterday, amidst my “working holiday”, I received a text from Lao Bu.. Informing me that Yi Po had passed away..

I had faint memories of Yi po, my mum used to call her “da sheng yi po” , meaning loud volume auntie.

Remembering every year, CNY, I will pay a visit to Yi Po at her house near red hill and what motivates me behind all these visiting , like most kids, was the ang paos, but I vaguely remember that Yi Po and Kao Gong( her son) was very nice to me, I always get candies and stuffs 🙂

All memories are history, and soon, people become history too.

She’s actually very old le, about 90 I think..

Kao Gong left us in 2009 and now it’s Yi Po’s turn..

I had this idea, as I get older, it became more and more real.

People get old… and be forgotten… soon.. they die… leaving this world..

But true enough… Life is always unexpected.. There’s no point planning here and there… When it comes, it happens and nothing can stop that.

I’m will be back later, 1pm leaving Marriott Putrajaya, should be reaching Nuffnang office at about 8+pm, will walk home from there, shouldn’t take more than 10+ mins 🙂

My current feelings are complicated.. I don’t know how to describe..

It wasn’t sad.. Neither I can describe it in words..


In any case..

Perhaps it was a relief for Yi Po ?

All the best in your afterlife, goodbye YI PO 🙂